this is where dogs go when they die

stopped by a salvation army on the way home from the post office, because i'm a hoarder.  came across a rather impressive collection of small dog figurines with a poor little t-rex in the middle of it all.  the collection was dusty and old and the most heartbreaking part was that they were are carefully hand labelled on the bottom.  collections like this usually end up at the salvation army when someone dies, and the family just donates all their stuff.  so sad!  i picked out two of the dogs, a boston terrier and a scottie, and the store manager was feeling super christmasy cause she tried to hug me when she saw me, and wouldn't take any money for the dogs.  cadeaux! cadeaux!   

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  1. i went to an estate sale a week ago with my cousin and had those sad creepy feelings the whole time. going into the basement full of craft supplies, wool, and art projects unfinished....just like my place.


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