is it over? already?

so things are slowly getting back to normal... smart design mart was three days of absolute madness (the good kind) & about one month madness before that with all the planning etc (not as good as the good kind) hung out with great peeps, met tons of fantastic people.  went way past my daily word quota.  hit with a crazy surprise snowstorm on the way home with all my stuff, rented a man with van off of craigslist for the transpo, $25/hour gets you anywhere!  was so overwhelmed and distracted this weekend, i put a half eaten sandwich in a cupboard instead of the fridge the other day. didn't discover the mistake until the next day.  kind of sad that i didn't get to eat my leftover sandwich.  anyway, after a harrowing slippery  near death experience cargo van ride home, and unloading probably over 300 lbs of set-up/stock/fixtures etc, i still had to go to the post office.  it wasn't cold, but just extremely windy and snowy, but if you're dressed warmly and have good boots, fluffy snow is super fun.  this is going somewhere i promise.  on my way home i managed to score my dream, huge vintage le creuset cast iron dutch oven in classic orange enamel for a super good price!!! not as good of a deal as my le creuset pan, but pretty good.  heh heh dutch oven. i've always wanted one of these, but didn't want to spend hundreds on a new one, because i would never forgive myself if i chipped it or damaged it!  and also i don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on a stupid pot.  even though said stupid pot would last a lifetime.  i was so excited with my purchase, i threw it in a snowbank and took a picture of it right away because i couldn't wait to take a photo of it at home.  so happy!!! 

this day feels like a giant run-on sentence ok bye. 

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