headquarters galerie + boutique: 5 best and worst christmas gift ideas 2010 edition

hi good morning, looking for some christmas gifty inspiration? here's headquarters galerie + boutique: 5 best and worst christmas gift ideas 2010 edition... 

5 best and worst Christmas gift ideas 2010 edition
Well, it's been a year since the last time I did a best/worst gift post and I'm happy to report that I did not receive any dud gifts in that time. I did however, give out piles of useless garbage to my friends and loved ones. Sorry guys, I wrote the post but failed to follow it's wisdom.

The 5 worst:

#5 Something you just learned to make

Yes, I know times are tough these days and if you cannot afford to buy gifts for people, we wont judge you. Well, some of us may judge you in secret. Shit, I'm judging you right now but that's beside the point. And that point is, nobody wants to be your crafting Guinea pig. Sure, it's awesome if you have some kick ass skills at knitting or sewing but if you are just learning to do so and your scarf turns out be the craft equivalent of the Men's room at a Taco Bell, then nobody wants it!

 #4 Socks
Yes, I know it's cliche. No kidding, socks are a bad present. I realize I'm stating the obvious here. But people still give them as gifts. Whats wrong with these people? Everyone knows it's a horrible present and yet, here we are. By giving someone a pair of socks as a gift, you are straight out saying to them that you think they are a boring and useless person with no personality. And that you wish they were put in a catapult and flung far away to an island made out of broken glass surrounded by an ocean of vinegar.

Oh, and that they are adopted and nobody loves them.

#3 Equipment for something you want to get into
Oh boy. This is a doozy. Some people just do not have the confidence to try something new on their own. So, in order to take up a stupid or ridiculous hobby, they force someone else to join them by buying them expensive gear that no rational, normal person would ever buy themselves. So, on behalf of all the people who have no interest in juggling, unicycling, hang gliding or any other dumb hobby you have in mind, I say STOP! Return whatever it is that you bought and just go get them a pair of socks.

#2 Night Vision Goggles
I know it may seem like an awesome idea but what kind of creep uses these? Instead of the goggles, just give them the inevitable restraining order instead.

 #1 Convenience store junk

This is something you could get away with in High School. It's your friends birthday, so you go to 7-11 and buy $30 worth of candy. Pretty awesome when you're 17, pretty awful when you're 30. There has to be an easier way to give someone diarrhea, right?

 The 5 Best:

 #5 Miju/ Norwegian Wood colab
Unisex and pretty original this is an awesome gift for anyone that's a hard person to buy for. The overall height of the medal is 3 1/2", the width at the widest point is 1 1/2" and goes for $30.

#4 Jewelry by Elaine Ho

Again, I'm trying to stick with a unisex theme here and Elaine Ho's jewelry is always a crowd fave across the board. Creepy and cute designs, all hand made in her studio here in Montreal. Jewelry ranges from $65-$200

 #3 Monster pillows

Does adding something I make in this list make me an asshole? Yes? Oh.... uhhh let's just pretend that I didn't make these monster pillows then. Are we cool now? Awesome. I love you. $20-$40.

 #2 Leather products by Broundoor

Wallets, belts, purses, coin pouches and fanny packs all hand made of recycled leather. If you've ever been to any of the craft shows here in Montreal, you've seen Marc hammering away and new designs. Super tight skills and amazing craftsmanship make his work a popular item for gifts. $25-$100.

#1  Ceramics by Daphna Lewinschtein
Really cool ceramic plates and sculptures by Daphna. One of those "I wish I had thought of that!" happens often when new people see her work. $20-$200.

Oh and what a coincidence! I happen to have all of these things from the best list right here at HQ! Funny how things just work out. 

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