see you at the cat show

this is where i'll be from november 26th-28th.  the annual montreal cat show.  last year this was the exact same weekend as smart design mart and yana and i were so sad we couldn't go.  250 cats and kittens and over 125 breeders.  i hope they have rescue cats too, i can't resist a kitten but there are thousands of perfectly good cats that get put down each year in mtl because they don't get adopted.  it's the fault of stupid people.   

my handyman has a cat, and he complains that it gets really annoying when she goes into heat because she's making too much noise, so HE PUTS HER OUTSIDE!!!  she had 6 kittens this summer.  he doesn't want to have his cat fixed because it's too expensive.  now he complains about the cost of cat food for the 6 kittens.  and he says he's going to get rid of his original cat, and keep one or two of the kittens because he likes them more.  yes, kittens are super cute but i had trouble explaining to him that i think that's super effed up.  

then shortly after that, i met someone else who says she's finally going to get her cat fixed because her cat just had her THIRD litter.  she let her cat get pregnant THREE times, because she claims her cat is the happiest when she's pregnant, like she's doing her cat a favour.  YOU SUCK.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!

i want a scottish fold as well as a short hair exotic and a maine coon, ok i can't think of a cat i would turn down, but one of my cats are going to have to bite it before i get a new rescue cat.  yay cats! BOO DUMB PEOPLE.  


  1. Wow. That is frustrating! I wish that people would be smarter! I'm with you on that one!

    A couple of months ago my bf and I found a box outside our apartment building that had 2 kittens in it! Who would just randomly abandon kittens!?

    Have fun at the cat show!

  2. UGH, some people are so stupid!!!!

    Can't wait to go to the cat show w/ you...hope it's not depressing.


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