made some earcuffs + smart design mart

a tiny trio of three sterling silver ear cuffs... now you don't even need your ears pierced to wear an earring!  i've had 11 piercings (i think) in my ears, so i'm pretty obsessed with decorating the ear and this time i won't even have to punch an extra hole.  triple claw, triple stud & chains.  i've made two versions of the one with hanging chains, so it can either be worn on the left ear or the right ear.  these aren't available on-line yet, but i'll be bringing them to smart design mart this week!  

this year it's december 3-5th at 160 st. viateur est, 2nd floor.  please come by! it's going to be soooo good and i'm not just saying that because i helped organize the event! we have close to 90 artists & designers participating, and everyone makes AMAZING stuff.  the complete list can be viewed here.  the space is over 20,000 sq. ft, so it won't be overcrowded and stinky, and you can shop & hang out in a relaxed atmosphere. we even have patisserie & boulangerie clarke and simply sweet, so that means delicious sandwiches & cupcakes!  can't wait!  

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