made a bag

i've been using a re-usable grocery bag as a purse for probably the last 6 months.  it doesn't really make sense because i MAKE leather bags. i have lots of smaller purses that i occasionally use... but i seem to carry a ton of stuff around with me all the time- grandma style.  here's a list of things i like to have in my purse at all times:  tissues (i'm allergic to everything), candy, snacks, bicycle air pump, tool-kit, re-useable grocery bags, bungee cords (if i buy something big that i need to strap onto my bike), muji pens, inhaler, phone, gum, moisturizer, lip balm, wallet, sketchbook and measuring tape.  be prepared right?  anything past my front door is like a game of survivor.  

this new bag is based on a the styling of a t-shirt grocery bag.  but with a TON of pockets.  four zippered pockets in the front...  the bag is pieced together from two of my own vintage leather jackets that were falling apart and i was too lazy to repair, along with some new leather for the shoulder strap.  can't wear them? so why not cut them up instead... it's a good excuse to buy a "new"  vintage leather jacket anyway.  

it's too much pressure to make a big leather bag from all new leather, because it's super expensive, and if i eff it up, i feel really guilty because i've disrespected and wasted this poor animal's lovely hide, and turned it into something horrible that's going to get sample saled.  

the straps are long enough to fit over your shoulder (i like to have my hands free), and there's also an adjustable & removable shoulder strap so you can wear the bag messenger style.  good for biking!!
fully lined in grey linen, one zippered inner pocket, and two huge pockets in the lining that close with magnetic snaps.  heavy nickel plated hardware... i made this bag over three days between filling orders. don't look too closely at the leather binding around the edges, it's really messy, it was my first time doing it. i'm not sure if i'll make any of these to sell because they take forever to make and would end up being too expensive.  well maybe if i wasn't using such small jackets, it would involve less patching together, that was the most time consuming part.  you can't really tell from the photos, but the sides of the bag are patched together from many pieces.  also i kind of hate things that are asymmetrical when they don't need to be, so the patching is the exact same on both sides.  

i'm pretty happy with the result, minus the messy stitching here and there... it's a lot lighter than it looks, super functional and it holds A LOT.  yay! bag. 


  1. beautiful! i often have to weigh the cost of new leather against the time it takes to deconstruct a coat and patch the pieces perfectly it can be comparable.

  2. this is an amazing bag! i mean it! it is perfect! i am jealous of your skills.


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