all i want for christmas

dearest family,
in case you're wondering what you can get me for christmas this year, i can make it really easy for you, how about one of those convenient clothes drying racks?  as you can see in the photo above, my boyfriend has taken much too much pleasure in line drying my underwear on the rabbit ears.  well what can i say, at least he's thoughtful enough to make sure my "delicates" don't go in the dryer.  

p.s. although i've always known that photos of my underwear would eventually end up on the internet, i never though it would be by my own hand.  well, except for that time when i was in college and was considering selling my used underwear on ebay because it wasn't illegal back then.  you used to be able to make a fortune doing that.    

p.p.s. i really hate the word "panty", it's horrible.


  1. Panty is terrible, always hated it but 'panties' is even grosser! Can't believe I just typed those words.

    In the future I'm going to go with 'underpinnings'. Old fashioned and cryptic.

  2. God, I hate 'panty' too, except when referring to rosé wine, which, for some reason, my girlfriends and I have been calling 'panty' for years ie: "well we're out of the chardonnay and pinot gris, do you guys just want to drink this bottle of panty?"


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