made some earcuffs + smart design mart

a tiny trio of three sterling silver ear cuffs... now you don't even need your ears pierced to wear an earring!  i've had 11 piercings (i think) in my ears, so i'm pretty obsessed with decorating the ear and this time i won't even have to punch an extra hole.  triple claw, triple stud & chains.  i've made two versions of the one with hanging chains, so it can either be worn on the left ear or the right ear.  these aren't available on-line yet, but i'll be bringing them to smart design mart this week!  

this year it's december 3-5th at 160 st. viateur est, 2nd floor.  please come by! it's going to be soooo good and i'm not just saying that because i helped organize the event! we have close to 90 artists & designers participating, and everyone makes AMAZING stuff.  the complete list can be viewed here.  the space is over 20,000 sq. ft, so it won't be overcrowded and stinky, and you can shop & hang out in a relaxed atmosphere. we even have patisserie & boulangerie clarke and simply sweet, so that means delicious sandwiches & cupcakes!  can't wait!  

365 project: one hundred and sixty nine


black friday sale

happy thanksgiving peeps!  in the spirit of stuffing your face & the new coupon function on etsy, i'm offering 25% off in my etsy shop.  just use the coupon code "TURDUCKEN" when checking out.  coupon expires friday at midnight.  happy shopping!  (photo via ajc.com)

365 project: one hundred and sixty five


casting call

got this interesting email today... wonder if they also sent it to my classmate prabal gurung...  hahahaha.  cough.  

Dear Parsons alum,

We've been asked by the casting department of Second Chance to share the following information with you:

Have you or anyone you know ever wanted to be a fashion designer and somehow, even after training in the field, you had to give up the dream for reasons beyond your control? Even still, it has remained your passion. This is not a 25 year-old eager beaver who's working their way up the ladder, this is someone, a bit older who has experienced the ups and downs of life and for some reason or another had to trade their dream in for a different reality. However, they've always wondered, "what if?" Our show wants to try to help answer that "what if?".

If you or someone you know seems to fit the bill, the casting department of Second Chance, a new reality show, would love to talk to you. Please e-mail billerrealitycasting@gmail.com.

valentino for gap

valentino & the gap!  pretty adorable and only available in milan, paris and london.  oh well! (via telegraph.co.uk)

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2011 cat calendar

oh my goodness, it's that time of the year again.  the 2011 united bamboo cat calendar is out!  the cats are modelling united bamboo ready to wear.  oh if only i could showcase my collections on my cats each season... hmmmm...  my favourite photos are the before and after ones.  (via designboom

365 project: one hundred and fifty nine


see you at the cat show

this is where i'll be from november 26th-28th.  the annual montreal cat show.  last year this was the exact same weekend as smart design mart and yana and i were so sad we couldn't go.  250 cats and kittens and over 125 breeders.  i hope they have rescue cats too, i can't resist a kitten but there are thousands of perfectly good cats that get put down each year in mtl because they don't get adopted.  it's the fault of stupid people.   

my handyman has a cat, and he complains that it gets really annoying when she goes into heat because she's making too much noise, so HE PUTS HER OUTSIDE!!!  she had 6 kittens this summer.  he doesn't want to have his cat fixed because it's too expensive.  now he complains about the cost of cat food for the 6 kittens.  and he says he's going to get rid of his original cat, and keep one or two of the kittens because he likes them more.  yes, kittens are super cute but i had trouble explaining to him that i think that's super effed up.  

then shortly after that, i met someone else who says she's finally going to get her cat fixed because her cat just had her THIRD litter.  she let her cat get pregnant THREE times, because she claims her cat is the happiest when she's pregnant, like she's doing her cat a favour.  YOU SUCK.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!

i want a scottish fold as well as a short hair exotic and a maine coon, ok i can't think of a cat i would turn down, but one of my cats are going to have to bite it before i get a new rescue cat.  yay cats! BOO DUMB PEOPLE.  

365 project: one hundred and fifty four


made a bag

i've been using a re-usable grocery bag as a purse for probably the last 6 months.  it doesn't really make sense because i MAKE leather bags. i have lots of smaller purses that i occasionally use... but i seem to carry a ton of stuff around with me all the time- grandma style.  here's a list of things i like to have in my purse at all times:  tissues (i'm allergic to everything), candy, snacks, bicycle air pump, tool-kit, re-useable grocery bags, bungee cords (if i buy something big that i need to strap onto my bike), muji pens, inhaler, phone, gum, moisturizer, lip balm, wallet, sketchbook and measuring tape.  be prepared right?  anything past my front door is like a game of survivor.  

this new bag is based on a the styling of a t-shirt grocery bag.  but with a TON of pockets.  four zippered pockets in the front...  the bag is pieced together from two of my own vintage leather jackets that were falling apart and i was too lazy to repair, along with some new leather for the shoulder strap.  can't wear them? so why not cut them up instead... it's a good excuse to buy a "new"  vintage leather jacket anyway.  

it's too much pressure to make a big leather bag from all new leather, because it's super expensive, and if i eff it up, i feel really guilty because i've disrespected and wasted this poor animal's lovely hide, and turned it into something horrible that's going to get sample saled.  

the straps are long enough to fit over your shoulder (i like to have my hands free), and there's also an adjustable & removable shoulder strap so you can wear the bag messenger style.  good for biking!!
fully lined in grey linen, one zippered inner pocket, and two huge pockets in the lining that close with magnetic snaps.  heavy nickel plated hardware... i made this bag over three days between filling orders. don't look too closely at the leather binding around the edges, it's really messy, it was my first time doing it. i'm not sure if i'll make any of these to sell because they take forever to make and would end up being too expensive.  well maybe if i wasn't using such small jackets, it would involve less patching together, that was the most time consuming part.  you can't really tell from the photos, but the sides of the bag are patched together from many pieces.  also i kind of hate things that are asymmetrical when they don't need to be, so the patching is the exact same on both sides.  

i'm pretty happy with the result, minus the messy stitching here and there... it's a lot lighter than it looks, super functional and it holds A LOT.  yay! bag. 

365 project: one hundred and fifty


all i want for christmas

dearest family,
in case you're wondering what you can get me for christmas this year, i can make it really easy for you, how about one of those convenient clothes drying racks?  as you can see in the photo above, my boyfriend has taken much too much pleasure in line drying my underwear on the rabbit ears.  well what can i say, at least he's thoughtful enough to make sure my "delicates" don't go in the dryer.  

p.s. although i've always known that photos of my underwear would eventually end up on the internet, i never though it would be by my own hand.  well, except for that time when i was in college and was considering selling my used underwear on ebay because it wasn't illegal back then.  you used to be able to make a fortune doing that.    

p.p.s. i really hate the word "panty", it's horrible.

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