um, possibly the prettiest tattoos i've ever seen!  and i bet it looks like a weird skin disease from a distance and that's the best part.  i love the colours and how it's been done without an outline.   (via tattoologist)

i'm currently working with one of my favourite artists krista bursey on some artwork for a new tattoo...we have a general idea of what it's going to be and i've given her some inspiration photos as well as some vintage fabrics that i love, and can't wait to see what she comes up with!!!  and the best part?  we're bartering.  she's just started tattooing and will be working out of art cyniq in rosemont, and i'm going to make her some elaborate custom jewels.  i've been ordering dead things on-line to cast in metal, and it's also going to involve parts of this wasp nest from this previous post... and maybe something that involves bringing new life to a vintage chainsaw charm.  so excited.  i don't really get the chance to work on bigger pieces of jewelry very often so i can't wait to get started.   

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