magical paris apartment

so this looks like some crazy beautiful movie set or something... oh but no.  it's a paris apartment that's been untouched for over 70 years.  the lady left france, but kept paying rent on this flat for 70 years!!!  and she just died at the age of 91.  they found a painting of her grandmother done by this famous 19th century italian painter giovanni boldini, and it just sold at auction for just under THREE million dollars.  no big deal.  i'm not so excited about the painting, i would just really love to poke around there through her other stuff.  i love seeing how other people live.  

btw if someone left their apartment vacant in my neighbourhood, there would be 5 crackheads, 2 prostitutes, 1 man-lady prostitute, 9 stray cats, 3 squeegee kids, and about a dozen pigeons living in there within about one week.  thanks to my sister for sharing this story.  read the complete article here.  

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