fair's fair. oh and i got new business cards.

not too different from my previous cards... black front with my name in spot UV but you can't really see it in the crappy photo, rounded corners, extra heavy matte paper

below is the transcript of my live chat w/the printer.  i'm going to call them printerxx.  

PRINTERXX: Welcome to our live chat support. How may I help you?

elaine: Hi PRINTERXX! I just wanted to say thank you! I love my new cards!!! They look great! My order number is: XXXXXXXXXXXXX and on my invoice it shows that I paid $29.36 for 2nd day air shipping with UPS. I chose this service instead of cheaper ground shipping option, because with 2nd day air, UPS pays for the brokerage fees, they are included in the cost of shipping. My package has cleared customs, (I live in Canada) and the brokerage fees are $44.13 and taxes on my package was $17.13 for a total of $61.44. I have absolutly no problem paying for the taxes ($17.13) associated with importing the business cards, but I'm pretty upset about having to pay for the additional brokerage fees of $44.13 that are included in UPS's 2nd day air service. This is because my shipment was sent via UPS STANDARD instead of the 2nd day AIR service that I paid extra for, and also, the cards were shipped on September 27th, and took much longer than 2 days to arrive. I would like to be reimbursed for the extra brokerage charge ($44.13) as well as the difference in cost between ground shipping and 2nd day air. I feel like that's fair. Can that be arranged?
Thank you for your time!

PRINTERXX: You actually paid less than you were suppose to for Canada.
We have 1 option for Canada shipping. The rest is USA.
In fact, you were suppose to pay $35 for minimum shipping but let it slide because it would be easier for both sides.
As for the customs, I'm sorry but if we paid these fees for every lovely Canadian client, we would stop.

elaine: i have no problem paying for the actual shipping cost. or the taxes... but the brokerage fees are quite high. i have things shipped form the US quite often, and always make sure to pay a bit more for the 2nd day air service to avoid the extra fees...
with 2nd day air, the brokerage fees are included in the shipping cost.
I'm happy to pay for the taxes & duties, those fees are expected.

PRINTERXX: I'm sorry but we never have paid for it.
We try to do the best to save money for Canadians but we dont have any control of customs.

elaine: I realize that. I expect to pay taxes on whatever I import. That's fine. But the brokerage fees are what UPS charges me to clear the package. These fees are included in 2nd day air shipping service, but not STANDARD shipping service. That's why I chose the 2nd day air service. I had to option to refuse the package because of the brokerage charge, and then the package would have been shipped back to you at your expense. But i didn't want to do that, because that wouldn't have been very nice. I would just like to be re-imbursed for the brokerage charges that wouldn't have occurred if the package had been sent 2nd day air like it says on my invoice.

PRINTERXX: There is no UPS Second Day Air for international.
The closest is UPS Worldwide Expedited which is very high pricing.

elaine: Ok, is that a mistake on the invoice then? it's confusing!

PRINTERXX: When ordering, there is only 1 valid method for Canada.

elaine: it says: Shipping Method: UPS 2nd Day Air (Residential)

PRINTERXX: Right, that shipping method does not include outside the US.
And if you look, the other shipping method says Canada.

PRINTERXX: On my invoice?
It says canada.

PRINTERXX: When ordering.
During checkout.
There are several choices for shipping. And only 1 is valid for Canada, which is labled.

elaine: I can't go back and checkout again.... I'm just going by what my invoices say.

PRINTERXX: Right, you chose the wrong shipping method.

elaine: (this is a copy and paste of my invoice)
Order Date: 15 SEP 2010 21:05:32
Bill To Ship To
------- -------
Name : Elaine Ho Name : elaine ho
City : Montreal City : Montreal
State : QUEBEC State : Quebec
Country : Canada Country : Canada

Shipping Method: UPS 2nd Day Air (Residential)
PayPal Order

according to my invoices, I chose 2nd day air.

PRINTERXX: Right, a shipping method that does not go outside of the US.

elaine: Why would it show up differently?

PRINTERXX: Which is why it was cheaper than the UPS Canada.

elaine: So you're saying I chose US shipping to a canadian address?

PRINTERXX: No, you chose the shipping method.

elaine: Isn't that a checkout issue?

PRINTERXX: No, because it is clearly labled.

elaine: I clearly chose 2nd day air.

PRINTERXX: Just like if I bought the wrong size jeans.
Right, but that is not a method that goes to Canada.

elaine: ok...
sorry.. this just sucks all around.

PRINTERXX: The one that does go to Canada says "Canada".

elaine: gah!
i can't wait until your new webstore is live. maybe the checkout & shipping options will work.

PRINTERXX: I can offer you free shipping next time.
But again, any fee's will have to be paid.

elaine: I'm happy to pay for any fees! That's super generous of you, I would really appreciate that.

PRINTERXX: Next time you order, just type in "XXXXXXXXX" in the "Optional Instructions" field.

elaine: Thank you so much!

PRINTERXX: And the account manager will refund the $35 shipping.
Your very welcome, is there anything else I can help you with?

elaine: No, that's it! I just wanted to say again that I'm really happy with my new cards! Thank you!

PRINTERXX: Well, atleast you got a likable product.
Have a nice day!

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