cats don't like eyepatches

even when it's halloween.  so this didn't go over with the cats at well as i would have liked.  thank goodness these persian cats are so docile otherwise i'd be wearing the eyepatch for medical reasons.  no animals were harmed during this photo shoot, just mildly annoyed.  

so many cats so little time

so i'm a bit sad i didn't get to make my cats costumes this year, or any year for that.  with the craziness of organizing smart design mart (it's going super well thanks for asking, we've managed to confirm 80+ artists & designers as well as an AMAZING 22,000 sq ft industrial space) & working on my own jewelry & clothing, the cats have once again been neglected this halloween.  i think i have a leather eyepatch kicking around somewhere (don't ask) and it might look nice on poof.  photo via one of the best cat blogs out there kitty stampede.  

if only i could have one of these everyday...

currently drinking instant coffee.  somewhat less magic than cat coffee.  (via dreamcats)

365 project: one hundred and thirty nine


made a hoody

chunky textured wool hoody, fully lined in floral print cotton, curved hem, longer in the back, comes with oversized safety pin with black chains & crystals just in case you want to wear it closed.  available at general54.  

giveaway on where the lovely things are...

head over to where the lovely things are for a giveaway of my molar pendant!  

365 project: one hundred and thirty one

quick! pepito needs $1800.

or even just $900.  this persian cat named sebastian has real gold crowns.  they cost $900 each.  probably the best money you'll ever spend.  besides, when your cat dies, you can take the gold back.  so really, you'd be losing money if you didn't do this.  read the full story here on msnbc.  thanks to alana at lille mor for sharing this.  i'm going to list my furniture on craigslist tonight and book a dental appointment asap.  get ready pepi. 



made some tops...

the oversize tee on top is made from a burnout silk, and the one on the bottom is burnout silk as well... but VELVET silk with a geometric pattern yay triangles!... one of my favourite fabrics ever, been hoarding this stuff for years waiting to use it for just the right thing.  also the fabric was kind of expensive, so i never wanted to cut into it.  binding around the neck & keyhole made from raw silk.  

365 project: one hundred and twenty nine


think i may have found my other dream job

stuff from my vintage shop lilyandrubyvintage.etsy.com


A new series called "Canadian Pickers" is looking for people who have lots of vintage items, memorabilia, collectibles, or antiques to sell for cash. A spin-off of the popular "American Pickers" television show airing on the History Channel, our hosts want to meet people and hear their stories as they travel across the country looking for hidden treasures. Attics, barns, yards or basements full of stuff- we're looking for you!

Please call Jenny at Cineflix Productions - 416 531 2500 ext. 122 or email jheap@cineflix.com

Send pictures if you can!

packrat?  check!
collector? check!
lots of collectables? check!
lots of vintage items? check!
will sell anything for cash? check!
it's all pretty perfect except that i'd prefer dying in my hoard before i would go on t.v.

365 project: one hundred and twenty four


magical paris apartment

so this looks like some crazy beautiful movie set or something... oh but no.  it's a paris apartment that's been untouched for over 70 years.  the lady left france, but kept paying rent on this flat for 70 years!!!  and she just died at the age of 91.  they found a painting of her grandmother done by this famous 19th century italian painter giovanni boldini, and it just sold at auction for just under THREE million dollars.  no big deal.  i'm not so excited about the painting, i would just really love to poke around there through her other stuff.  i love seeing how other people live.  

btw if someone left their apartment vacant in my neighbourhood, there would be 5 crackheads, 2 prostitutes, 1 man-lady prostitute, 9 stray cats, 3 squeegee kids, and about a dozen pigeons living in there within about one week.  thanks to my sister for sharing this story.  read the complete article here.  

365 project: one hundred and twenty one