how to wash your clothes

i quite like this tag.  i have no idea what those washing/laundry symbols ever mean, i just go by the "wash in cold & line dry" and hope for the best laundry method, and it works like a charm.  and when i can't line dry, i put stuff in the dryer on low, except for sweaters.  no casualties yet, and that's what i have stitched in gold on the tags for my clothing line.  (and iron on low if you're feeling fancy)    

i don't separate colours, darks, whites, i also don't buy white clothing, and i don't know how to use bleach, so problem solved.  i don't iron my clothes, and i send my pants out to get hemmed, because it's way too much pressure to get both the legs the same length, and this way i have someone else to blame if they get effed up.  i've also never ever had anything dry cleaned.  i don't believe in it, and i guess if i really think about it, most of my clothes are black and grey, so you can't tell when they're dirty anyway.  but if you're curious to know what all those symbols mean, here's a super handy chart.  

(via flyingneedle.ca & superpunch)

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