made a new shirt...

oversized lace tee, the lace is a cotton blend. raw silk binding around the neck, giant keyhole at the back.  good for layering.  unless you like wearing see-through shirts and having gross guys stare at you and try to follow you home.  

365 project: one hundred and seven

church basement window, bars to keep the jesus inside. 


finally. someone's putting the hubble telescope to good use.

zippora lux makes cat posters from hubble telescope images.  oooh good news!! just got a email from the artist boya latumahina!!!  zippora lux is now on etsy! hurray!  zipporalux.etsy.com.  let's go shopping!  (via kitsune noir)

365 project: one hundred and five

yup, that's a mouldy cup of coffee.  kind of beautiful isn't it... little mossy patches in all shades of green.  


toe hair

this kitten's toe hair is getting out of control. i think she's been dipping her back feet into the peanut butter solution. are you supposed to trim it or something?

project 365: one hundred and three

and.... back to the cat photos


etsy treasuries

i absolutely love the treasuries on the front page of etsy, i find myself checking out the treasuries many many times throughout the day.  each treasury is a little user curated gallery of items on etsy.  i always thought they were super complicated to make, but that's not true at all!   i started out just wanting to make one, but that turned into four, because i just couldn't stop myself.  here are the ones i made tonight.  it was super fun to start off with a theme or a colour or just one item and see what happened from there.   i can't wait to make more of them, and hopefully one of mine makes it to the front page!  here's the link to my treasuries, this way you can actually click on the items!!  oh and one of the best parts?  the ridiculous titles you get to make up for your treasuries!!   teak taxidermy, ocean luxe, atomic galaxy and why so grey kitty... 

also, on a side note, although i'm not the neatest or cleanest person at all, i love to organize things.  some parts of my house are ridiculously well organized, while other corners are just piles of junk.  i'd say it's about 50/50.  i have two label makers, all my plates have to be the same colour and i can totally relate to julia robert's super abusive husband in the movie sleeping with the enemy.  you know how he likes all the cans in the pantry stacked up perfectly with the labels facing forward?  oh yeahhhhhhh....  anyway, making treasuries is like my little ocd way of organizing stuff i like on etsy.  with all the labels facing forward.  

project 365: one hundred and two

lady lost her hand


project 365: ninety eight

every saturday! run by volunteers, all proceeds go to the helping out people in the neighbourhood.  i don't know how much help the neighbourhood is getting because stuff at this bazaar is like 50 cents and $1.  


help me identify this chair!

here's what i can tell you: 
i sit on this chair everyday.  
tubular chrome plated steel frame

black leather back that laces together with a row of three eyelets on each side.

sling style black leather seat that's held together with five steel springs.  the leather has a pretty good patina & wear to it, so either someone's been wiping their greasy hands on the leather during dinner, or it's got some age to it.

four little plastic feet, oh, and every time i've had an antique dealer in my house, they offer to buy the chair from me.  oh hells no.  the cats like it too much.

it's got a little touch of mies, and a bit of breuer.  (see my "book report" below) but it could be anything really.  i love this chair for it's beautiful design, the leather lacing detail!  it's a really really good looking chair.  oh, and i also love it so much  because because i found it for free in a back alley, at 5am on the walk home from the greyhound station after taking a red-eye trip from nyc to montreal, and i had to pull someone else's gum off the bottom of the seat with my bare fingers.  so if anyone can help me identify this chair please let me know!  

check out the MR 10 side chair by mies van der rohe, it's got the leather sling seat and back and the same lace up back, but this chair is cantilever.  (via metro retro furniture)

or the tubular cantilever spoleto chair from 1971 that was inspired by the mies' MR chair produced by knoll's design studio.  this one is a little bit closer.  (via metro retro furniture) knoll is still making these, and they retail for just over $1000 each.  available from unica home.

but i find the the chrome plated steel bones of my chair look a lot more like marcel breuer's B5 side chair from 1927.    (via brooklyn museum)  but were these only made in canvas?  and they don't have the lacing or springs.  yeah, i know this isn't my chair, mostly because one was sold at a christie's auction in 2004 for just under $4000.  here's an interesting article about the B5 on smithsonian.  it was inspired by bicycle handlebars!!! 

hmmm, the B40 is also similar, and it was made in leather version as well.  uh, help me out here, this looks exactly like the B5, but the tubes are thinner or something?  i can't tell.  (via architonic)

my frame is most like the chair on the left  that's identified as B33, tubular steel chair 1927-1928, chromium plated tubular steel and leather, on the 1920's page from the design museum's website, and this chair was produced by thonet.