hi friends... as you may or may not have noticed, i've been clumsily re-branding myself over the last half a year or so... it's been a re-branding flip flopping adventure.  i mean i've always been "elaine ho" um because that's my name, but i've also been trying to get away from the name "roadkill".  i chose to name my company "roadkill" oh about probably nearly a decade ago when i though it was a cute funny name, and dare i say whimsical, but i feel like i've outgrown the brand a bit.  when you think of roadkill you think of dead stuff, skulls, blood  & guts etc.  and if you're one of my uncles, you think of dinner and some good venison.  

the name "roadkill" was good when i was just making things with guns and skulls, murderous rabbits, "i love bacon" merchandise and killer deer, i mean i still really like dead stuff, but i like other stuff now too.  i was a little bit sad to let go of the name, because i've worked really hard over many many years to develop the brand, and to get good SEO, but now i'm happy to be moving on.  so i'm no longer "roadkill", and i'll be going by my name "elaine ho", so mom, please stop calling me "roadkill" on my voicemail.  

unfortunately i'm not able to change my etsy shop name, so that'll stay the same for now.  i would like to eventually move nearly 100 of my products into a new shop under my name, but i don't really feel like doing that right now... 

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