places and spaces

my friend tristan breeuwer is having a photography exhibition at headquarters, and the vernissage is tonight from 6-11pm, but the show will be up all month.  here's how tristan describes the show:

I am presenting my first solo photography exhibition “Places and Spaces”. The show presents various spaces and places, whether iconic Montreal architecture or unnoticed or forgotten urban landscapes, and attempts to present them in a “new light”. Some of the images are more representative of how a space is imagined or remembered, rather than how it is actually seen, while others are simply marked by the unique and unusual light falling on the scene. In either case, light plays a crucial role in each photograph. “Since light is the fundamental element in photography, the challenge I enjoy is to give light “presence” within a photograph. Most of the images in the show have succeeded in capturing this “presence”, making light itself their main subject…”

sounds good right? his photography is amazing, so come by if you can!  it's at 1649 amherst, montreal.  

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