pepito mimumo: portraits of an ancient cat

for my 30th birthday last month, my boyfriend brenden made me a really special beautiful & huge hardcover book full of amazing portraits of one of my cats pepito mimumo.  over quite a few months he managed to wrangle a bunch our very talented friends to draw pepito inspired art.  here it is!... and it looks even better in person.  oh, and as a super extra added bonus, i'm get to keep some of the original pieces of art, and i'm going to make prints of the rest of the portraits and put them up on my cat wall (formerly known as the front hallway).  

front cover by karl kerschl
inside dust cover flap

brenden fletcher of wednesday comics & ragni & the bluray blog & assistant art director of the montreal mirror (digital/ipad)

illustrator matt forsythe of ojingogo & drawn.ca (watercolour)

monster lover & boutique & gallery owner tyson bodnarchuk of headquarters (ink/watercolour&probably some coffee)

illustrator & animator freddy casia of momunit & en masse & the ypf (digital/after effects)

chris tucker art director of the montreal mirror

mike giles of furni & judy lawrence of miju

illustrator james braithwaite  (that's academy award nominated james braithewaite)

clothing designer yana gorbulsky of supayana 

rupert bottenberg of lost myths & music editor of the montreal mirror

james kerr of the ypf (mixed media/collage)

illustrator sara guindon of the pinpals

visual artist jen storey of the ypf

chris tucker

eisner award winner illustrator cameron stewart of sin titulo & batman and robin & seaguy & apocalipstix (digital)

tyson bodnarchuk (ink/watercolour)

illustrator ramon perez of butternut squash & kukuburi & star wars clone wars & degrassi extra credit 

eisner nominated illustrator karl kerschl of the abominable charles christopher & superman & the flash & wednesday comics (digital) 

amanda moss of covet (pastels) 

back cover by karl kerschl (digital) 

thank you for an amazing birthday brenden, matt, tyson & angie, freddy, chris, mike & judy, james b, yana, rupert, james kerr, sara, jen, camstew, ramon, karl and amanda!  my friends are the best!!!


  1. OMG THIS IS SO AMAZING AND YOU GUYS ARE ALL SO AMAZING!! Sorry for the caps, but it really felt necessary to express my amazement!!

  2. so awesome

  3. what an Wickedly AWESOME GIFT!!!! WOW!


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