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today's a jewelry day,  yesterday was a sewing day... tuesday is fish sticks, thursday is meatloaf.  you know how it goes.  i bought a new soldering pick,  it's red and i'm  pretty excited about it using it for the first time.  it's really clean and the point is still really sharp unlike the other one i've been using for the last few years.  it's about time.  i don't know why i didn't do this sooner.  they're like $2.  anyway, back to work.  

365 project: seventy five

i played hide and go seek with this squirrel



hey peeps... i've just marked down a bunch of jewelry and added them to the SALE section of my etsy shop... limited quantities... here's a sampling of what's in stock...  and hey since you're probably not in school anymore, and you don't have to spend money on back to school supplies this week, why don't you buy yourself some blue light special jewelry?  right?  right?  

hiyo! tree trimming!

oh i think today's the day!  i've been waiting for this for so long!  this HUGE taller than a two story house "dead only on the top part" tree in front of my house is going to get a much needed trimming... thank you ville de montreal for your giant cherry picker & weird harnessed employees.  not only is giant tree growing into the electrical lines (not the really zappy ones) i feel like chunks of it are going to break off onto someone's car or into my living room during the next big storm.  i don't know how i'm going to get any work done today, because i plan on spending the entire afternoon creepily peering through my studio window with the cats...  

update: hmmmpht!  it was LIES!! all LIES!! they ended up trimming the tree next door.  

echo the cat teaches you how to make brownies

from one of my favourite blogs they draw and cook, this recipe is illustrated by cĂ©leste gagnon.  

365 project: seventy three


want: today's craigslist finds

oh just a couple of things i'd like to buy off of today's craigslist postings... a set of vintage teak armchairs for $60.  i don't even care if they have cushions or not, so classic!  and they're worth their weigh in teak firewood&kindling.  you'd be losing money by not buying them.  and check this really really nice desk for $110.  guess what?  i'm not going to buy any of it.  wonder why?  i have a very small house (900 sq ft) already filled with three desks, and probably over 20 chairs, i haven't counted for a while.  so if you live in the montreal area, please rescue these lovely pieces of furniture, they're a steal.  

365 project: seventy two


new! triple claw ring

sterling silver ring with a set of three sharp claws. inspired by cats and wolverine.  and by cats and woverine, i mean my friend stone.  cast in stolid sterling silver, finished by hand and then polished to a bright mirror shine. available in sizes 5-9.  triple claw ring is made to order, takes 1-2 weeks to produce. available in my etsy shop.  don't you find it fun to wear sharp jewelry that could potentially injure others and/or yourself?  i certainly do.  

ellen urselmann

so why don't they ever show stuff like this in those community center glass blowing course catalogues?  i'd be all over that,  because how many glass beads and ugly ass vases does a person need?  the traditional art of glass blowing mixed with some of my favourite things by ellen urselmann.  (via designboom)

365 project: seventy


tuesday rant

woke up this morning with bad asthma & nauseous because there was a large burning vat of asphalt steaming and smoking right outside my house.  turns out my neighbours are redoing their roof.  asphalt & gravel style.  i had work to do today, so i couldn't leave and oh let's say go hang out at a cafe all day.  it's been an absolutely horrendous day.  that asphalt has been cooking outside my window FOR TEN HOURS.  they started before 7am by scraping gravel off the roof, walking across my roof, and other ridiculously loud stuff that made my walls shake for hours... not to mention the shirtless leathery men yelling and cursing loudly all day.  

my throat is burning, my eyes sting, i have fans venting the house, and the front windows sealed up, the cats are upset.  seriously people, if you're thinking of re-doing your flat roof, please consider a membrane roof, it's way less noxious, you can get a white roof that reflects heat, or even a green roof with plants, and if you insist on putting on an asphalt roof- please book everyone on the street hotel rooms or get them respirators.  it feels like it's about 100 times worse that a chain smoker idling their car outside your house FOR OVER TEN HOURS.  no wonder why it's cancertime for asphalt workers.  

so one good thing that came out of today.  there was a bunch of gravel and other junk that landed on my balcony and i managed to rescue this big piece of wasp nest before they power washed it away.   i owe a friend of mine some bee themed jewelry, and i've been trying to get my hands on some honeycomb to cast.  yay.  ok, i should be more excited about this, but i'm way too exhausted and pissed off.   

denise gallagher

beautiful illustrations by denise gallagher, prints available here and on etsy...  (via pikaland)

365 project: sixty six


eames hang-it-all: select edition

beautiful!  check out this special select edition of the hang-it-all! this select edition is made with a black welded steel frame, and solid walnut um, balls.  retails for about $250 and it's only available until from august 15 to february 15 2011 or while supplies last!  i'll take an even dozen please... 

charles and ray eames produced in the original multicolour version of the hang-it all for kids from only 1953-61, and then reintroduced in 1994.  i have this version on my bedroom door but  i would really really love to have the all grown up select edition as well... many of them.   (via herman miller)

365 project: sixty five


omg i FAXED this to harper's bazaar in 2002

i came across this very curious and somewhat horrifying coffee stained dog eared paper while digging through an old sketchbook for my old croquis templates.  it was a quicky sketch i did in 2002 for a handbag company i used to work for in NYC.  (please excuse the bad texture rendering and odd anatomy i am not an illustrator.) i think we got a call from a stylist for harper's bazaar, and they were looking for an oversized woven leather clutch for an upcoming shoot, and we had to come up with some possibilities right quick before even making a sample.  A FAX? A FAX?  wasn't there email in 2002?  anyway, i think they did end up using the clutch for the shoot...