this close. THIS CLOSE.

i was this "" close to buying these super cute jeffrey campbell leather riding boots on-line.  from nasty gal.  they only have sizes 8-10 left, so hurry up.  see look:

i've been on a major quest for probably at least the last six years of my life for perfect boots.  i can't even remember how long it's been anymore.  now it's not even a quest for perfect boots, it's any boot.  two buckles fell off of my favorite boots last week, so they're really not going to hold up much longer.  

these jeffrey campbell's are super cute.  and real leather.  i will not put my feet in vinyl or plastic, unless it's a pair of rubber boots or jelly shoes, and only black ones.   i hate vinyl.  it's not eco.  it's like wearing garbage bags on your feet.  most of our leather comes from the delicious animals that we eat.  so take that you vegans.  i mean the tanning/curing processes could be a wee bit less poisonous.  but whatever.  

these boots are such an great price.  $112, and only $13 for international shipping.  so many websites don't even ship to canada, let along at such a reasonable cost.  and, they even had my size.  right before i was going to pay, i had one more look at the description.  ZIP CLOSURE AT INSIDE ANKLE!!!!  efff me!  why ruin a perfectly cute pair of boots with a zipper.  really?  are those speed lacers not speedy enough for you?  and pray tell how often to you need to put on and take off your boots in such a hurry????   so unless you're a super hard working prostitute with thigh high lace up boots, because time is money my friends, there is ABSOLUTELY no need for a zipper in a lace up boot.  

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