presents! presents! presents!

ok, so i was pretty surprised to get this in the mail.  it's a snake, made from a sock, wearing a scarf.  something i made a really really really really long time ago.  complete with eyes, and a little pink tongue.   

i opened an early birthday package from my mom that included snake friend, and presents numbered 1-10, as well as other little thinks tucked in between.  everything was individually wrapped in layers and layers of tissue paper, and tiny metallic bows.  

many of the presents were from when she was in shanghai, hong kong and guangzhou earlier this year.  things not pictured, a set of four books full of old chinese short stories, including one called timeless tales of the art of management... a set of six postcard books with photos old imperial costumes, riding&shooting armour, colourful costumes of imperial concubines, splendid dresses of six palaces etc, a tiny pair of ruby earrings and a tiny pair of sapphire studs so cute!  is that ten things?  i may have forgotten something.  oh, and some cash money!!  i'm spoiled rotten!  thanks mom!  and thank you for not sending me canned congee again.  

these look woven, but they're made from this silvery moulded soft plastic. 

one of two fountain pens, "hero" brand.  same ones my mom used to use in school.  came with ink too!

cat shaped robot!  gadget cat from the future!  it's half in english and half in chinese.  i bet you can guess which side of the page i'll be reading... 

crazy fancy pencil crayons

two book with step by step instructions for chinese watercolour painting... 

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  1. what a super care package! i love doremon. i used to get stickers every time i went to a big city chinatown.


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