new jewelry: tiny anchor

as i'm typing this, there's a HUGE fly in my studio.  it's actually bigger than this pendant.  anyway, back to business, this is the tiny anchor it's kind of a follow-up to my, ok excellent, the kitten just caught and ate the fly.  so as i was saying, it's a follow up to my heart anchor pendant.  see below.

this is a picture of my heart anchor with the new tiny anchors.  you can see that they're pretty tiny.  just 5/8" long and under 1/2" wide.  they're available on a super lightweight 18" or 20" chain.  available in my on-line shop and etsy of course.  

in somewhat related news, well i found this somewhat interesting, my heart anchor pendant is style #1088, that means it's about the 88th style i made for my line and it's dated october 2007.  tiny anchor is style #1164. so that means i've made over 164 different pendants/rings/earrings/necklaces since 2004/2005.  i try to catalogue everything i make, but some things are um, unwearable, or just never put into production, so they don't even get a style number, and they either get melted into other jewelry or sold as one of a kind samples.  happy anchor! 

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