lampe berger

so clean and simple!   lampe berger by laurent corio.  the rounder style "generous" retails for about $60, and is available in a super glossy black, white or red.  and the "milk" style available in black or white also about $60.  i've always wanted one of these magical lampe berger things, but i've always found  their designs too ladylike and classy and i'm neither of those things...  i really like these new simple & modern styles!  i have three slightly stinky cats, and a century old house in the middle of renos, i could use a smelly lampe berger or two!  i want to go to the lampe berger store at the mall STAT.  also just to take advantage of some aircon.  (via jocundist)

oop, just found this beauty on the lampe berger website.  "compression"  a melty metal column by jeweller pascal  morabito.  $1000

 and "coeur noir"  amazing!  hmmmpht, but it's $800.  

ohhh, and this one by lalique.  it's a work of art... that's probably why it's in the "artist series"  retails for $2400.  

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