labour of love opening!

exposed brick walls!  hey these bricks are from the 1800's

big huge front window that looks onto carlton street, i love the old radiator! 

custom built black and white showcases 

more custom showcases & shelving

some of the merchandise starting to come in...

ready to open!!!
super cute vignette!  

this is really exciting!  i've been lucky enough to see the process of new store labour of love come together!   from the first real estate listings photos, (VICTORIAN BUILDING!!!  20 FT CEILINGS!!! ORIGINAL WOOD!)  to photos of the bare space, to the troubles with trying to get a phone line & internet installed during the G20 summit, the new custom built showcases, the logo going up on the window and finally the merchandise filling up the space!  

labour of love is the new sister store to my favourite toronto store, propaganda (686 yonge street).  i may have a new favourite now!!  anyone who's been to propaganda knows that it's full of a crazy good selection of unique jewelry, accessories, gift items & one of kind collectables, and labour of love will have ALL of that as well as a gallery space!  the first installation will be by toronto artist gosia.  i've seen some of her work, and it's beautiful!  

the grand opening this thursday july 29th from 4-9pm, come for a visit, for bevvies, snacks & fun gifts with purchases... 

242 carlton street 



  1. And it's true, every place can be made looking interesting.

  2. omg, this looks sooo nice! They're so lucky to have exposed brick walls! I'm not too familiar with Toronto, what part of town is it in? Will have to check it out when I'm there in August!

  3. cabbage town! it's very interesting neighbourhood!... some nutso lady wearing house slippers tried to buy a box from part of the window display/art installation to carry her BIBLE in, she actually had her giant bible with her. everyone else from the neighbourhood was absolutely amazing& supportive& super excited about the new store... lots of people said: "it's about time we had something like this!"...i'm pretty excited to explore some more!...


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