cookies n cream

i was in nyc about a week and a half ago.   we stumbled across this really good looking truck,  parked on broadway at about spring street.  an ice cream truck plastered with AMAZING graphics.  turns out it was the cookies n cream mobile store.  full of beautiful t-shirts, and limited edition designer toys.  i'm trying not to get into collecting toys, because i have the hoarding gene, i don't really wear printed t-shirts, (even though they had girl sizes) but i really really really wanted something with those same amazing graphics on it!!! 

i stood there creepily petting the vinyl on the side of the truck while asking if they made prints with the same design as the t-shirts.  imagine these graphics as silkscreen print on super nice paper, or even LETTERPRESS? drool. that's something i'd love to look at everyday.   one of the guys saw the gun tattoo on in inside of my upper arm and asked me what kind of gun it was... i had to admit it was made up, aka fashion gun, because it's actually a mashup of a bunch of my favourite parts of guns from my gun catalogues, because i'm not partial to a certain brand or model of firearm,  i just like the aesthetic minus the killing part. 

then i started looking inside the truck for more merch and spotted some leftover vinyl they used on the outside of the truck!  GOLDMINE! i turned into a desperate fan girl, and asked if please could i buy it, please just a little piece of it, at one point i think i said i was going to buy a knife or scissors so i could cut off a piece of it & i started looking for a knife store.  all of the guys were super duper nice, and one of them tore off a piece of vinyl for me!  ahhhh so nice!!! i'm going to put it somewhere special!  i 'm completely obsessed with one of a kind stuff or limited edition stuff, so knowing that no one else has a piece of the truck makes my scrap of sticker super special.  one might say magic.

the photos of the truck and the t-shirts are via the cookies n cream website, if you can't make it to nyc, don't fret, they also have an on-line shop!  and make sure you follow them on twitter!  

p.s. i've always wanted to run my studio out of an airstream trailer... 

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