and i thought it was cool when i dyed my cat blue

like i said, i've dyed poofy a few times.  pink, turquoise a few times.  that's what happens when you have a fluffy white cat.  i used little packs of kool-aid powder that doesn't have sugar in it.  anyway, i thought it was pretty novel to have a turquoise cat.  but that's nothing...NOTHING.   someone has figured out how to make an animal's bones and muscles transparent, which is pretty amazing on it's own, but then this kind of gives you a blank animal slate.  hello!  tie dye see through animals!  so beautiful!  i've already checked the box on the back of my driver's license to donate my organs, but this makes me want to donate my entire body to science, or whatever crazy lab makes this magic.  make me see through, and dye me blue.  burials and cremations are so last year.  (via core77)

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  1. um, this is so BEAUTIFUL! pretty much mesmerizing to me!


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