adventures in biking

so, about this heat wave.  i was convinced that the soles of my $19 h&m sneakers were melting to the hot asphalt this afternoon, but then i realized i had stepped in bubble gum.  it's a very fine line when it comes to wearing as little clothing as possible to avoid getting heat stroke, and looking like an east side prostitute.  i thought maybe the scarf and backpack will throw people off... 

i hauled all this stuff home on my bike this afternoon, and you can't tell from this photo but there were two more frames in my basket.  i can tell you it wasn't very much fun.  but i did manage to score a HUGE paint by numbers last dinner painting dated signed and dated 1963, a super lightweight vintage grey tie dye cotton maxi dress and a seafoam green silk cami.  it'll go quite nicely with the paint by numbers jesus that i already have.  the last dinner painting, that is, not the clothing.  

i'll be working on a new project with my friend yana this week!  i'm super excited about it.... aside from our own clothing & jewelry lines, how many different side projects do we have?  we also make natural lip balm and moisturizer, vintage teacup candles, cat toys, organic cat nip kits together under the brand chateau gateau...  hey well, we might as well make a bit of cat food money while we're hanging out together.   I'M GOING TO BUY A JIGSAW!!!  ok bye.  


  1. i wish i had your ambition..geez.

  2. heheh, and by "ambition" you mean half brained business plans!!


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