a little piece of collab heaven: pao pao


this is magic!  PAO PAO!  these pieces are a collaboration between aya kakeda and fumiha tanaka.  gah.  too cute.  currently showing at the alternative cafe in monterey california.  (via pikaland

check out another one of aya's collaborations on my previous post about birdwatchers of north america... 

365 project: forty eight

yup.  double rainbow.  



this is my sister's cat porkchop going after my blueberry pancakes.  she's a 8 year old tiny  cat with giant green eyes.  there are other cats here, but this one's my favourite.  


this is the first carrot i've ever pulled out of the ground and it was delicious!  from my sister's garden... 

365 project: forty seven




oh hey, your mascara is a looking  a bit clumpy.  actually, no, these are falsies made from dead fly legs.  a little something called "flylashes" by jessica harrison.  neato.  (via the lipstick diaries)

octopus shower curtain

i want this shower curtain so badly!  by super duper textile designer thomas paul, available from design public, but on backorder.  

365 project: forty five


vintage teacups!

scored some absolutely amazing vintage and antique teacups in winnipeg, i think they may be our prettiest ones ever...  get ready for some more chateau gateaux soy teacup candles!!! 

fabrics & trims!

i love this vintage trim, triple layers of stretch lace... can't wait to use this!!

some vintage deadstock fabric i bough to use as lining

nice check cotton, blue, indigo&white cotton, flocked polka dot cotton
just some more stuff i hauled back from winnipeg.  i guesstimated my luggage when i was packing, but it ended up being 52.2lbs when i checked it.  (the limit was 50lbs)  so i ended up being one of those people i swore i'd never be, shuffling excess baggage into my carry-on, right at the check-in desk.  nothing too embarrassing fell out of my suitcase,  so that makes for a pretty successful trip.  

365 project: forty four


and in gardening news...

tomatoes are out... well, just two of them. 

first apple of the season!  the biggest one yet!

365 project: forty three

came across this nice cat  and  some weird vintage shop when i was wandering down some winnipeg highway...


labour of love opening!

exposed brick walls!  hey these bricks are from the 1800's

big huge front window that looks onto carlton street, i love the old radiator! 

custom built black and white showcases 

more custom showcases & shelving

some of the merchandise starting to come in...

ready to open!!!
super cute vignette!  

this is really exciting!  i've been lucky enough to see the process of new store labour of love come together!   from the first real estate listings photos, (VICTORIAN BUILDING!!!  20 FT CEILINGS!!! ORIGINAL WOOD!)  to photos of the bare space, to the troubles with trying to get a phone line & internet installed during the G20 summit, the new custom built showcases, the logo going up on the window and finally the merchandise filling up the space!  

labour of love is the new sister store to my favourite toronto store, propaganda (686 yonge street).  i may have a new favourite now!!  anyone who's been to propaganda knows that it's full of a crazy good selection of unique jewelry, accessories, gift items & one of kind collectables, and labour of love will have ALL of that as well as a gallery space!  the first installation will be by toronto artist gosia.  i've seen some of her work, and it's beautiful!  

the grand opening this thursday july 29th from 4-9pm, come for a visit, for bevvies, snacks & fun gifts with purchases... 

242 carlton street 


365 project: forty two

oh opossum

(via neatorama)


more birthday presents!

delicious things to eat!!!

welcome cat! toy cats go crazy for! hamburger eraser! 

yes! it's a gun AND a fan!  re-useable cat stickers&book!  graphic novel! 

tiny matchbook notebooks, really good smelling soap (my armpits smelled like feet this morning, will make good use of this bar) and a graphic novel i can't wait to read!!! 
i love all of it!! thanks for spoiling me rotten aisling! i have the best friends ever! i just bought the diptic app for my phone. so get ready for a lot more diptychs.

this. is. incredible.

(via dreamcats)

365 project: forty one


mouse shoes

little marc jacobs shoes for kids.  mouse shaped and furry. now please marc, make a version of these in a grown up sized in a boot.  yathanks.  available at kids of luxury aka spoiled brats.  (via blame it on the bogi

things i bought in winnipeg

never been worn vintage high heel red rubber boots, made in france, they look exactly like barbie shoes.  good for those rainy days when you still want to look slutty.  

vintage pyrex!  in excellent like new condition.  their snowflake pattern has always been one of my favourites.

vintage deer figurine!  i've always wanted one of these.  made in japan.  

vintage heads!! i've seen these before, but never in a pair.  these are in excellent condition too!  

vintage woven clutch with seafoam green plastic! never been used, tag still attached.

i dragged back about 70 lbs of luggage from winnipeg.  most of it was fabric.  more pictures to come.  but i also scored some pretty nice vintage finds!  during my last day there, i must have walked at least 20km, going from salvation army to goodwill to MCC's.  everything is so far apart there, and the bus routes were so confusing, i would have killed for a bicycle!  thank goodness for GPS on my phone.