want: elisanero military boot

i'm really want this pair of boots... but i have weird flat & wide feet, not unlike duck feet.  that's why i can't wear sandals.  so buying shoes on-line has proven itself to be a disaster over and over and over.  and the most i've ever spent on footwear is $120.  so i would like to see these in person to touch them and try them on.  especially since they retail for $530.  if i wear them everyday for one year, it'll cost me $1.45/day.  i'd be losing money by not buying them.  they're available for pre-order on luisaviaroma.com.  they would make an excellent replacement for my $13 boots i've been wearing for the last 10 years.  see that post here.  an excellent, but not perfect replacement.  but nearly there.  the toe is a bit too round for me.  whatever.  guess i just saved myself $530.  

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