i was thoroughly unimpressed with my previous trips to uniqlo, a few years ago in tokyo as well as last year in paris and left empty handed each time... but i was totally blown away by the uniqlo store in nyc!  i scored some amazing pieces at a crazy ridiculous steal.  including a ton of deeply discounted stuff from a few hidden sample racks.  

many of the sample pieces are one of a kind, that never went into production, fit samples, or just a colour that was never produced.  here's the thing, nothing in the above pictures was more than $10.  dress $10.  distressed linen shirt $3.  oversized rayon tee $10.  linen jacket $6.  i even found a pair of amazing jeans for $7.  the line for the fitting room was outrageous, so i just bought them and hoped for the best, well that's a bit of a lie, my friend aisling (that's not a typo, her name is really spelled that way) generously offered to try them on over her leggings for me in the middle of the store, but then some scary manager lady came and yelled at us.  anyway they're absolutely perfect!  and i also picked up some non-sample sale basic t-shirts for $5 and some $10 leggings.  getting one of a kind stuff is my favourite thing ever!  kind of like the piece of original tim biskup art i got at the post-it show at giant robot for $20... not to brag or anything.  that'll be in the next blog post.   i'm still giddy!  

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