thursday giveaway: killer cupcake

oh so it's been quite a while since the last giveaway.   so this one's a good one.  what's up for grabs?  the killer cupcake pendant.  this little cupcake measures 1.25" tall, complete with sprinkles and tiny skull cherry.    this contest is easy.  in the comments section, just tell me who you'd like to use the killer cupcake on, (aka, who do you want to poison), and what flavour of cupcake the killer cupcake would be.  winner will be chosen by random (that's a total lie, i'm going to choose my favourite comment) next thursday!  good luck!  extra points for hatefulness and creativity!  this contest is open to everyone, i'm happy to ship internationally!  please make sure you sign in to comment, so i'll have a way to contact you!  if you don't win this giveaway, don't fret, the killer cupcake is still available in my on-line shop.  



  1. I would give my killer cupcake to BP. Although, I guess I couldn't give it to a company...so maybe send a box to a CEO meeting. Maybe get clever cupcakes to put their logos and everything on them...I'd send along the redvelvet cupcakes, cause I guess even BP CEOs deserve something yummy for their last meal. Hmmm maybe I'd go back in time and give them the cupcakes before the oil spill. Hell, if I'm going back in time and all, maybe I'll send some to EXXON and Hitler. Although, I don't think Hitler ate cupcakes, I feel his diet consisted of kittens. So I guess Hitler would get a kitten flavoured cupcake...eww.

  2. And just to clarify, the kitten flavoured cupcake would be artificial, no kittens would be harmed in the killing of Hitler.

  3. I love your killer cupcake! A cupcake killer would have to be cherry-licious with lots of marachino cherries. I'd use the killer cupcake on my significant other so I could collect on the life insurance... nasty laugh

  4. I would give my killer cupcake to the first man who broke my heart...he ruined me for a few years. I think the cupcake would be chocolate with hazelnut frosting, to go unnoticed it should be elegant and refined.

  5. I would give a killer cupcake to the crazy lady who drives the 104 bus in the evenings, usually around 7pm.

    She is miserable, and has the worst sneer, she yells at people who use change for fare, telling them they should have an Opus card.

    She does not answer questions, and her hair is grey - dyed peach. I have tried smiling at her to see if that helps, she never smiles back with her crusted pink frosted lipstick mouth.

    She is a terrible driver, twice now I have seen people thrown from their seats. Once, the bus was crowded, and I was standing - I nearly dislocated my shoulder as she "navigated" a corner.

    It would have to be a yummy-looking cupcake... perhaps lemon with strawberry frosting. I would arrange for her to steal it from a cute child, because that's the kind of thing she would do, popping the cherry in her mouth with a sneer at the end.

    She is crazy, and I think if she ate the killer cupcake, she may not even die.

  6. I'd give the killer cupcake to my PE teacher from middle school hell. She gave me a low grade because my friend cut class. My friend, not me. I still haven't quite forgiven her today, about a hundred years later (my PE techer, that is. Not my friend.)

    This could be my way of settling the score, so to speak ;-)

    The taste? Why, the sweet taste of revenge of course!


  7. i would kill all the latest popular popstars (miley,beaver,gags,etc etc) and the cupcake would be rotten fish and puke flavored with maggot icing.

  8. and holy shite that bus driver story was phenomenal.


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