new summer cowl back tops

cowl back top in white & indigo batik cotton

cowl back top in white & black swiss dot

i've been hoarding this batik & swissdot fabric for years!  it was just too nice.  but finally i felt it was the right time to use it!  super lightweight cowl back tops, with a wide boat neck front neckline, and a back tie.  

these are available at victoire in ottawa and general54 in montreal.  i stole these great photos of regine wearing the batik cowl back top directly from victoire's blog.  i guess that's a bit creepy huh.  check out the post!  they also just re-stocked the heart anchor pendants, as well as a fish jaw necklace and some new purses! if you're anywhere near ottawa, go for a visit! it's the prettiest store ever.  


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