make your own cat scratching post

i'm supposed to be getting ready for puces pop, but i'm just not in the mood.  so i'm procrastinating and making a cat scratching post instead.  it's so hard to find plain scratching post that's not ugly.  that probably explains why i don't have one.  i've used those cardboard scratchers before, but they leave little cardboard bits all over the place.  most scratching posts are made of of carpet rejects,  i applaud the recycling of carpet scraps, but i don't want uglyass synthetic forest green carpet anywhere near me.  i want something simple, natural with no ugly plastic parts.  

i'd call this post a "tutorial" but i'm sure you could make something nicer yourself.  i just used some scrap plywood, and a chunk of 2X4, a little piece of wood to cap off the top, and five wood screws.   i used a cd as a template for the round corners, and cut them with my jewelry saw and then filed them smooth.    

i think i'm going to cut another piece of plywood for a shelf on top and maybe a pillow if i want to waste some more time so the cats can hang out on top of the scratching post as well.  they like being up high.  and if they don't fancy that, i'll use it as a coffee table.  

here's the updated version with top deck, poofy has a pretty wide ass so it's a bit of tight fit

oh, and you'll need some sisal twine of course.  mind you, it's not like i had sisal twine hanging around.  that was completely premeditated.  i bought 10 lbs of three ply sisal twine a few months ago.  that's a total 970 feet of twine.  wondering if i use twine in in my daily life?  not at all.  i bought the twine just for this purpose.  this is probably enough twine for a lifetime of scratching posts.  uh, let me know if you want some.  make sure you pull the twine as you wrap so it's nice and tight, and smash it down with a hammer as you wrap, so there are no gaps.  easy.  total cost: around $5 and about 30 minutes.  stay tuned for next week when i make a seven story cat condo.  not sure if i'm kidding?  well neither am i.  

double occupancy. pepito has a bad haircut, i think his 
hairdresser  had the clippings set on "patchy


  1. Elaine - you're hilarious. I love it! Hmmm... Maybe I can wrangle Marc into making one for my cat. 8) heh heh

  2. brilliant and oh so simple. i have been meaning to build one forever, i had more of a fortress in mind..haha. i have a couple ugo scratchers around the house. this gives me some push to get off my buns and attempt one myself. so i can get rid of the carpet reject ones that cheapen my decor..ha.


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