key shaped pocketknife

i want a janitor sized keyring full of these.  i wish they had these when i was still in grade school... would have been way cooler than my big glow in the dark rubber bouncy ball.  i buried it in the snow before the school day started, thinking it would be kind of cool to dig it up at recess... but some punk got to it before me.  i'm still a bit sad about it.  or that one time the teacher confiscated my AMAZING sticker book, and put it in that box under her desk so i could get it back at the end of the day.  some stupid kid stole it before i could get it back.  now THAT still makes me really sad.  it was my favourite thing in the world.  i think philip kooey stole it.  that kid looked like a stinker.  i think maybe it was probably a good thing i didn't have a knife on a keychain.  i did enough damage kicking boys in the shins as hard as i could.  

"things engraved" used to be my favourite stores in the mall. well that, and "the gap".  i never really bought anything from there, but i liked looking at swiss army knives and was equally fascinated by the engraving process.  remember when they started making the little swiss army knives in novelty colours?  PINK!  i used to have a super sharp pink rubber pocket knife on a keychain. i think it had an led light in it as well.  to see what you're stabbing in the dark?  well now airports are no fun anymore, and everyone is on edge and it's "uncool" to carry concealed weapons what's the point.  i think i'm going to name my next cat switchblade.  ok i'm starting to regret writing this blog post.  (via incredible things)

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