the bone room

i'm super excited to announce that my jewelry is now available at the bone room in berkeley california!  this is seriously the store of my dreams.  i hope to be able to visit it in person one day.  they're an amazing natural history store, filled with dead stuff.  

oh hi! cat skeleton! and just a set of human ribs, no big deal! 

yay dead stuff!  you can buy cat skeletons,  or pretty much any kind of animal skull & skeleton you can think of, fossils and even human skulls!  and my favourite section? the "odds and ends" ends section which includes a fascinating selection of claws, paws, horns, quills, rattles, teeth and shells.   i would love to cast some cat paws & parts into some jewelry.  check out the bone room website for an unusual on-line shopping experience or if you're in the neighbourhood, make sure to stop by on a thursday, when they have events such as academic lectures, courses!

the bone room
1569 solano avenue
berkeley, california

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  1. dudess...congrats! this is wild and the bone room sounds like a dream bomb.


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