365 project: one

so i've been inspired by all of my friends who are doing the 365 project, where you share one photo everyday.  here's my 365 project.  looks like so much fun.  so i'm starting today!  i probably take like 20 photos of my cats on a daily basis anyway.  i think i'm going to make them all iphone photos!  i've started a flickr set for this project as well, but there's only one photo in it.  ahem alana, you need to do this project with your new camera please!  


  1. you had me at one photo a day! I'm going to hook myself up with this project...stay tuned.
    PS. Pepito's haircut is killing me!!

  2. OHHH this is a great idea!

  3. you should do it! it's like fun homework.


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