oxidized braid necklace new!

this is my new favourite necklace!  um, because i make all my jewelry for myself.  now if i could only figure out how to make my own shoes.  anyway, it's an oxidized silver braid!  it's 24" all around, so you can just slip it over your head, keeping it minimal so no clasp is needed.  each one is individually braided (by me), so they're all slightly different (because i'm not a robot).  i oxidize it to a super dark matte black, polish the braided section to a bright shine, but not too much so there's still a ton of contrast with the black "lowlights", and then i hand rub the oxidized chains just enough to bring back a teeny tiny bit of shine, while keeping them completely black.  currently available at mini minimarket in brooklyn, and coming soon to victoire in ottawa, general54 in montreal and in my on-line store and etsy of course!  

365 project: nineteen


speaking of cats...

stickers by gemma correll (via sharesomecandy)

kitty stampede

ok so kitty stampede is one of my favourite blogs.  for obvious reasons.  but this post was the most thrilling one ever.  owls and cats.  owls that look like cats, and cats that look like owls.  amazing.  it really doesn't get better than this...  

365 project: eighteen

my mummy sent me four yards of amazing pale seafoam green & black polkadot pleated silk chiffon from shanghai.  i'm going to make something special!!! 


post-it V

a store i've been meaning to get to for a while in nyc was giant robot!  i read about their post-it show in the previous weeks and was absolutely dying to go.  $20 for original art done on 3" X 3" post-its?  amazing!  i was pleasantly surprised to see that there was still tons of post-its to pick from.  i think i'd been having nightmares of when i got there, there would be nothing left.

i bet you can tell which post-it i bought from this grouping... 

spot the jaime hernandez, i knew brenden was a big fan, but i didn't buy it cause i wasn't crazy about it the post-it, maybe if it was drawing of a nice girly... 

there was one artist who did a bunch of celebrity zombies... amazing ballpoint pen illustrations.  sorry i don't know your name, but you're awesome.

i really liked the pink monster creature thing hatching out of the egg by peter hamlin... 

spent forever in the store picking out post-its, and just generally in awe of all of amazing books and cute fun stuff toys and weird japanese things stuffed into the tiny space... including an r2d2 usb powered humidifier.  huh?  yeah.  there was also an unusual amount of cat art.  something that gets me in trouble every time.  here are the post-its that came home with me... can't wait to get them into little vintage frames, and i'm going to cheat and order custom cut mats on-line because i don't want to eff it up.  

by brooklyn artist peter hamlin i pretty much loved EVERY one of his post-its & want to be his new best friend.  

by berkeley illustrator deth p. sun, he draws mostly cats.  the most amazing cats.  ever.  check out his on-line shop for original paintings etc... hi i would love to do a jewelry collab with you.  please.  

oh no big deal, just a little something by tim biskup.  i've been a huge fan forever.  it goes without saying that i would absolutely kill to do a jewelry collab with you, sir.  i would kill, then i would make the jewelry from prison.  uh, just kidding.  ok not really.  x

so the show is up until july 7th, if you're anywhere near ny, you need to stop by, it's super fun.  if you're not close by, don't fret, the lovely very patient lady at giant robot was in the process of photographing the post-its, and the show is going on-line!  so you'll be able to get a piece of this post-it action as well.

here's the list of participating artist:
Trevor Alixopulos, APAK, Andrice Arp, Scott Bakal, Melinda Beck, Mike Bertino, Tim Biskup, Jon Boam, Pakito Bolino, Michelle Borok, Aaron Brown, Jude Buffum, Chris Buzelli, Christine Castro, Martin Cendreda, Kris Chau, Louise Chen, Marcos Chin, Chris Clayton, Tim Cochran, Eric Collins, Jen Corace, Matt Curtius, Kelsey Dake, Eleanor Davis, Vanessa Davis, Nathan Doyle, Seth Drenner, Susan Fang, Korin Faught, Nina Frenkel, Shannon Freshwater, Matt Furie, Nick Gazin, Frieda Gossett, Katherine Guillen, Peter Hamlin, Jon Han, Jaime Hernandez, Andrew Holder, David Horvath, Patrick Hruby, Rama Hughes, Mari Inukai, Yellena James, Hellen Jo, Nathan Jurevicius, Andrea Kang, Dan-ah Kim, Hawk Krall, Lamour Supreme, Travis Lampe, Blaise Larmee, Sarah Lavoie, Jesse LeDoux, Dongyun Lee, Eli Lehrhoff, Bill Main, Jacob Magraw-Mickelson, Ben Marra, Ted McGrath, Mark Allen Miller, Mike Miller, Brendan Monroe, Mark Murphy, Andrew Neyer, Tru Nguyen, Anders Nilsen, Saejean Oh, Saelee Oh, Martin Ontiveros, Sidney Pink, Luke Ramsey, Ron Rege, Jesse Reklaw, Martha Rich, Joe Rocco, Brooks Salzwedel, Anna See, Raymond Sohn, STO, Deth P. Sun, Gary Taxali, Team Macho, Gina Triplett, Twerps (Greg Mishka), Edwin Ushiro, Jing Wei, Steven Weissman, Gillian Wilson, Calvin Wong, Jaime Zollars, Trevor Alixopulos, Peter Arkle, Matthew Bandusch, Karen Barbour, Angie Clayton, John Cuneo, Bob Dob, Nathan Doyle, Austin English, Jason Fischer, Anne Ishii, Claire Johnson, Terri Fry Kasuba, Phillipe Lardy, Sarah Lavoie, James McShane, Dave Plunkert, Jason Polan, Jarret Quon, Deth P. Sun, Francesca Tallone.  


i was thoroughly unimpressed with my previous trips to uniqlo, a few years ago in tokyo as well as last year in paris and left empty handed each time... but i was totally blown away by the uniqlo store in nyc!  i scored some amazing pieces at a crazy ridiculous steal.  including a ton of deeply discounted stuff from a few hidden sample racks.  

many of the sample pieces are one of a kind, that never went into production, fit samples, or just a colour that was never produced.  here's the thing, nothing in the above pictures was more than $10.  dress $10.  distressed linen shirt $3.  oversized rayon tee $10.  linen jacket $6.  i even found a pair of amazing jeans for $7.  the line for the fitting room was outrageous, so i just bought them and hoped for the best, well that's a bit of a lie, my friend aisling (that's not a typo, her name is really spelled that way) generously offered to try them on over her leggings for me in the middle of the store, but then some scary manager lady came and yelled at us.  anyway they're absolutely perfect!  and i also picked up some non-sample sale basic t-shirts for $5 and some $10 leggings.  getting one of a kind stuff is my favourite thing ever!  kind of like the piece of original tim biskup art i got at the post-it show at giant robot for $20... not to brag or anything.  that'll be in the next blog post.   i'm still giddy!  

365 project: seventeen


kitty headstone

this is amazing!  if only it was legal to bury dead pets in your backyard in the city.  um, not that any of my cats are dead, i won't mention any names, but one of them is getting quite old.  cough, pepito.  oh and by the way, dreamcats is pretty much my new favourite blog.  all cats all day.  kind of like if daydream lily ran into a truckload of cats.  hmmm, dreamy.  (via dreamcats, via qsysue)

365 project: eleven


cat video & my friend jen

um yes, this is amazing.  it's adorable and horrible at the same time.  my lovely friend jen storey shared it with me, and i immediately watched it four times in a row.  jen just started an etsy shop with her amazing woodblock prints and digital collages.  check it out!  we have one of her beautiful woodblock prints done on vintage wallpaper hanging in our kitchen, it's super special and i love looking at it everyday! 

365 project: nine


i quite like this

pair of raf simons leather velcro boot for fall/winter 2010.  retails for $792.  i'm going to "like" them from over the internet.  because it's either that pair of boots, or my rent.  and i don't fancy being homeless with three cats.  i actually have a shopping cart in the basement (don't ask) so i'd be a lot like that crazy cat lady on the simpsons.  with sensible shoes. (via hypebeast, via colette)  

365 project: six


the bone room

i'm super excited to announce that my jewelry is now available at the bone room in berkeley california!  this is seriously the store of my dreams.  i hope to be able to visit it in person one day.  they're an amazing natural history store, filled with dead stuff.  

oh hi! cat skeleton! and just a set of human ribs, no big deal! 

yay dead stuff!  you can buy cat skeletons,  or pretty much any kind of animal skull & skeleton you can think of, fossils and even human skulls!  and my favourite section? the "odds and ends" ends section which includes a fascinating selection of claws, paws, horns, quills, rattles, teeth and shells.   i would love to cast some cat paws & parts into some jewelry.  check out the bone room website for an unusual on-line shopping experience or if you're in the neighbourhood, make sure to stop by on a thursday, when they have events such as academic lectures, courses!

the bone room
1569 solano avenue
berkeley, california

365 project: five