week in review

a couple of one of a kind purses i made for a new store!  they went to the super adorably girly store jupon pressé in quebec city.  purses are made from leather and patent leather with a long messenger length strap.  they also got a good selection of jewelry.  can't wait to visit them in person soon!  roadtrip anyone?  hmmm, what else did i do this week?   oh tear up half the house to re-wire the main floor completely, take out all the ducts, replace the baseboard heaters, install programmable thermostats, level out the floors.  no big deal.  

i didn't really expect to be taking out the ductwork so soon, but the house has dual heating,  electric baseboards and an oil tank and furnace and i've only ever used the electric heating, i'm kind of scared to death of furnaces and oil tanks.  i was going to take out the furnace and oil tank eventually, but  taking all the ducts out now made it made the re-wiring a bit easier.  so that's a pile of ducts from the basement.  the big furnace is getting hauled out tomorrow by a metal salvager.  the oil tank will be taken out at a later date.  

taking out the the nasty old wall & floor registers so full of nasty dust... and tearing out all the 100 year old baseboards.  ideally i would have liked to have kept all the original baseboards, but they just weren't worth restoring. they were covered with so many different layers of paint, and kind of banged up.  (that's glue-on fake parquet linoleum tiles on real pine flooring, who does that?)  

some of the dusty treats under the baseboards.  this was the better wall.  as in, there was actually a wall behind the baseboard.  there was only ONE or two walls like this.  

poof, trying to be helpful.  this cat insisted on walking through all the dustiest bits of the house.  i had to wash her feet.  

the "after" along the living room wall, taking out old outlets, and after taking out the baseboards.  this was the "low maintenance" wall.  

most of the walls looked like this behind the baseboards.  not even any plaster.  gahhhhhh.  disaster.  

i ripped the inner moulding off of the doorways, to give the openings an extra couple of inches.  i don't think i'm ever going to put doors in.  you can see all of the previous paint colors.  bright green, pink, etc... gross.  we also put down plywood in the living room and front entry, so now the floor is level with the kitchen floors.  i was a little bit sad to cover up the original pine floors in the living room.  but the kitchen floor was 3/4" higher (plywood over linoleum, no pine underneath), the hallway was also pine, but with no varnish, and un-salvageable.  so it made more sense to cover the whole thing up.      

so we will be living with plywood floors until i can afford real floors.  bamboo probably.  but the floors aren't going in until after i redo the kitchen.  so it might be a while.  my neighbours told me that they lived with their plywood floors for two years, so that made me feel a lot better about the constant half-done demolished state of my house.  the neighbours have the most beautiful house ever and they renovated for five years, i'm two years in, so i guess i'm right on schedule! they're so nice, they also offered us their rental property two doors down to sleep in if it gets too dusty at home.  

oh and this was a treat, we got a nice box of the wednesday comics collected edition.  it looks amazing!  and it's HUGE!  check out this great review on npr!  they totally spotlight the flash story my bf co-wrote with his friend karl.  brag brag brag.  i think they officially come out this week.  on wednesday of course.  this week is full of plastering, sanding, priming and painting.  it would be nice to be able to hang out in the living room and kitchen again.  sigh.  

oh right, i just remembered, something else i did this week: a massive overhaul on my website, and added an on-line store.  check out the changes.  elaine-ho.com  

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