porch kitten update

the porch kitten aka. fraulein ponyo von mitten is doing well.  she's not as sociable as the persian & himalayan cats, but that's probably because they've been inbred to sit on your lap and do nothing all day.    brenden is tired of me constantly asking him: "when are cats full grown?" or "when do kittens stop growing?"  or "do yo think she's going to stay this size?"  she'll be a year old in july and  i've been secretly hoping that her diet of bugs, leaves and dirt for the first 5 months of her life has stunted her growth and keeps her a smallcat.  but she's already getting a gut, and weighs more than the other two cats so i doubt that's going to happen.   did you know cats live up to 20 years?  that's a lot of years before i can get a new cat.  sigh.  anyway, here'a a photo of ponyo sniffing a giant lump of fake fur.  

dear ponyo, it's not your mother.  she abandoned you and your fleas under our porch.  

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