new! plaited necklaces

i'm super excited about these new necklaces!  LEATHER!!!!  i love leather!  they take forever to make because they're pretty labour intensive, and each one has to cut by hand and has to be plaited absolutely perfectly.  

hand plaited leather necklace made with super soft and shiny glazed black leather. the inner circumference measures about 25" so you can just slip it over your head. each necklace is treated, then molded and shaped to drape perfectly around your neck and sit flat on your chest.  

i've just listed these three styles in my etsy shop.

blackchains:  this plaited necklace is dripping with looped and knotted black metal chain.

greypearls: this plaited necklace is dotted with pretty iridescent grey freshwater pearls, that have been securely stitched on by hand.

goldstuds: this plaited necklace has three hanging loops of antique gold chain, and nine gold pyramid studs.


  1. Beautiful work Elaine!

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