i love mail! and hightower botanicals!

presents! presents!  in the mail.  i did a trade with amazing brooklyn jeweller julee hightower!  she has a fantastic etsy shop called hightower botanicals.  i got the rock crystal necklace, it's like a giant crystal ice cube, (i'm obsessed with squares with rounded corners) and the large cilantro leaf!  so pretty... i love them, they're perfectly made, especially the handmade toggle clasps.  i can't wait to wear these all summer!  

i'm also blown away at the speed of the us postal service.  these took a mere TWO days to get from new york to montreal!  TWO DAYS.  it takes at least three times longer and  for me to send something to new york from montreal.  damn you canada post, i just can't quit you and your slow & expensive service.  (shaking fist)

anyway, i'm loving my new necklaces.  heart heart heart.  

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