fish friday

this necklace is cast from a half of a fish jaw i found on a beach a few years ago. from some really scary fish with super sharp teeth. i was so freaked out by this jaw when i first saw it i couldn't even touch it. i have a love hate relationship with dead stuff. it was really dirty and still had some meaty bits attached to it. i made someone else pick it up and clean it off for me, because i just had to have it. and turn it into a necklace.

fish jaw is cast in solid sterling silver, and then oxidized a deep black. sharp fish teeth polished to a high shine.

measures about 20" around, hangs down 4", and the actual jaw part is 3.5" across. put together with four different styles of oxidized sterling silver chain, and it closes with a heart shaped clasp. hand rubbed to bring out some shine on the chains. this piece will evolve as you wear it. it'll become shinier and show more of the silver color.

please use common sense when wearing this necklace. the teeth are quite sharp. don't wear it with the teeth facing in. no roller coasters. be careful when hugging. especially babies. or wearing delicate clothing. no contact sports.

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  1. love it!!! your stuff is amazing. i want something but will have to wait til i actually have extra money.


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