tuesday rant

so... in my etsy shop, my molar pendant is clearly listed at $60.  that's the price.  if it was another price, i would list it at that price.  i think it's a fair price.  this is a handcrafted sterling silver pendant, and the price includes the chain.  it's not a mass produced pendant made in a factory cast in a cheap base metal that turns your skin green and gives you a rash.  

there's a lot involved in creating a new pendant.  first, i come up with what i want to make, i usually do some research for reference, or sometimes i make a few sketches, or other times, i just start carving the wax.  the original sculpt can take anywhere from an hour to several days.  after that's done, i have it cast it in silver through the process of lost wax casting. once i get the silver master back, i finish it by filing, sanding, grinding, soldering, polishing.  it's hard work!  i have burns, cuts, callouses, and perpetually dirty nails.  once it's perfect, a mold is made.  from this mold, more waxes can be made, and then more silver pendants can be made.  and each one after that is also finished by hand, with the same care and time put into finishing the master.  then i photograph, edit photographs, and make the listing on etsy.  this is what i do for a living.  and i love it.  

so, i got this email last night.  it's "potential customer" asking if i will accept $30 for the molar pendant that is clearly listed at $60.  me, replying that oh, sorry, the price is $60.  and then "potential customer" offering $50.  what's up with this haggling?  i'm totally fine with giving a percentage off when it's a regular customer who has purchased many many things from me before, or you know, if you're my mom.  my mom still refuses my discount, and insists on paying me full price.  or when someone is buying several items at once.  i'm happy to make a custom listing with a bit of a discount.  i'm happy to make to "reserve" a listing until my customer can pay for it, or splitting it up into two payments over a few weeks.  but come on "potential customer"!!!  i'm not a flea market and this isn't an ebay listing for some random crappy piece of junk with a "best offer" option.  i'm kind of annoyed.  

i understand "potential customer" if it's not in your budget.  but unfortunately i can't set my prices on a sliding scale. i've got cats to feed.  i feel like my jewelry is something that might outlive you.  since it's made in metal and you're not.  so it's a good investment really.  anyway, it's not some crappy thing that's been glued together that'll look dated after one season.  one of my store policies says that if you ever have any problems with you jewelry with normal wear, i will repair it or replace it.  so you're pretty much guaranteed i won't send you a piece of badly made garbage.  my main motivation being mostly because i don't want to fix it, or send you a new one.  cough.  

btw it's such a huge huge huge compliment when someone tells me that they've been saving up to buy one of my pieces.  it also kind of freaks me out.  or when someone tells me they're going to wait until their next paycheck.  i know when i save up for something, it's something i really really want and i'm probably skimping on groceries and perrier.  gahhhh!!! no pressure!  it's still really makes me blush when i get a message from someone telling me they love their jewelry and they wear it all the time!!  i still can't believe it.  so thank you to all my wonderful customers.  xx  


  1. ugh. so lame. too bad you can't ban buyers from etsy.

  2. Ha ha, I'm so using that the next time someone inquires about your jewelry at the shop. "You know, it'll probably outlive you, cos you're not made of metal. So it's a good investment." And screw that haggler! Argh!

  3. ha ha. hate cheapos...also wanna say that I wear my/your mixtape necklace everywhere...when I was in Vegas a year ago, this dopey saleswoman asked me if I was a musician because I was wearing a cassette tape around my neck...ugh..."no, i replied...I just like it." She then proceeded to tell me that she assumed I was a singer and that it would be so great to give new artists necklaces like mine...seriously? Maybe in the 80's...or really never...it was one of the most annoying conversations I've had in a long time...all thanks to you dear Elaine...xoxo


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