happy easter. peeps.

what a nice long weekend!  and it's not over yet.  from top to bottom:

  • pink boots come out for summer weather, that's not a dirty warehouse, that's my front hallway, in desperate need of new flooring, soon. soon.  
  • poof sleeping in the sun.  the fluffiest cat ever.  i'm going to have to book her for a shave soon.  (usually a lion cut with mohawk) i'm constantly choking on cat hair, even after i give her the brushing of her life.  
  • the first crocuses on the street just happen to be in my front yard, brag brag, although it might balance out the fact that i have the ugliest most unkempt back yard on the block, also, there are some other crocuses that are popping up through the flyers, chip bags and condom wrappers that blow their way into my yard, (no puns intended), all that garbage was hidden nicely under the snow, and i was rather hoping that it would all leave the same way it came into my yard.  
  • freddy and yana's cat little girl sitting pretty during an epic bbq.  
  • mike and judy's dog branson at hq's vernissage.  

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