amazing things that come in the mail

i got the most hilarious package in the mail yesterday.  it was oddly shaped bright metallic silver mylar bubble envelope.  something that you would ship spare kidney in or something.  i was a bit scared to touch it.  here's what was inside:  a squeaky hello kitty, a notepad made from elephant poo, a skeleton bottle opener from a place called "skull tavern", a motion sensor coughing ashtray in the shape of lungs, and hello kitty hair clips.  it was from a good friend of mine from calgary!  these are things from her travels.  it's so nice of her to think of me, even though we don't talk very often.  i get random packages from her once in a while.  filled with extremely random/odd things that i love.  like a david weeks skullrilla ashtray.  or a creepy plastic baby head, that's inspired me to start collecting doll heads.  each package always comes with the traditional pirated hello kitty gear.  love it.  

the skullrilla from last time...

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  1. oooo...how nice! score! i love random little care packages, haven't gotten one in ages but i guess you gotta give to receive. i adore the skeleton bottle opener.


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