happy 4th birthday general54

general54 is celebrating their 4th anniversary this saturday may 1st!  come by 9pm ish to catch a fashion show that starts at 930pm with a mix of clothes from local designers as well as vintage! ...  they've also taken over the big vacant spot next door (that's 56 st. viateur west) so it's going to be pretty exciting!  for more details, visit the general54 blog.  


my shoelaces are trying to tell you something.

from the official CIA manual of trickery and deception.  how do i make my shoelaces tell someone to eff off.  (via the boston globe)

here are some other fun ones.

this is an excellent tip when you're trying to shoplift, uh paper.  or rich uncle's will.  

rubbing the back of the neck?  almost never done?  huh?  that seems like a conspiracy right there.  i rub the back of my neck constantly.  i must be a spy.  

according to this, i think most of my friends would make excellent spies.  

arms and crafts

really amazing ceramics by krasznai (via fresh home)  


smells like death...

...was the first thing i said when i walked into the au pied de cochon cabane a sucre.  i went with a group of 10 food loving friends.  had a bit of idea of what we were getting ourselves into, so i was a little bit afraid.  but i had no idea how crazy it was going to be.  when i thought we were close to desert time, we were actually just about to get the first main course. sorry these photos kind of suck, i'm in a serious food coma, and i'm too lazy to fix them in photoshop.  well ok, the truth is that i just don't want to look at the food up close again.  i ate way too much.  

carafe of maple syrup

house beer, and cider served in 1L mugs

first up, split pea soup with foie gras and ham

chicken feet cooked with maple syrup bbq sauce, i used to love eating chicken feet at dim sum, but they kind of freak me out now.  i mostly just ate the sauce off of them, and a bit of the skin wasn't able to munch on the crunchy cartilage toes like the rest of the team.  

salmon gravlax with maple syrup


salad with oreilles de crisse, ham, cheese and walnuts, and of course some sort of maple syrup dressing

buckwheat crepes made with lots of maple syrup and butter

my friend siu-min was kind enough to pass around her papaya enzymes.  they aid in the digestion of protein.  someone at the table had googled what to do to prepare for eating a huge meal:  eat lots of fiber beforehand and stay hydrated.  someone else at the table who shall remain unnamed split his pants.  i didn't even wear pants.  i wore stretchy leggings and the shirt i slept in.  

toutiere!  so delicious.  giant meat pie friend.  it's an extra $20 to add one to the table.  well worth it.  came with this amazing homemade ketchup.  maple syrup ketchup.  

beautiful tourtiere crust 

crazy savoury souffle, with pulled pork, maple smoked sturgeon, topped with green onions, so delicious! they brought us TWO of these.   and they were HUGE.  

cow tongue with celeriac, not the biggest fan of tongue, mostly because of the texture and look of the tastebuds, had a bit, pretty delicious.  

maple and butter roasted chicken on a tasty bed of beans, this was when i stopped being a team player.  i was pretty full already.  

this thing was crazy!! it was like a giant pork meatball wrapped in cabbage, and stuffed with  big chunks of lobster and foie gras.  it doesn't look big in this picture, but it was the size of a human head. 

at this point, i had to take a break, went outside to pet the cat.  

banana split with maple syrup cotton candy, maple syrup ice cream, and maple syrup marshmallows, you know how sometimes restaurants bring out a dessert cart, where you get to pick out your dessert?  well, this was kind of the same deal, but when they brought out the dessert cart, we got to eat everything on it.  

the most delicious mille feuille ever, fresh whipped cream, maple, maple maple, 

tire erable!  (maple syrup on snow)

aka diabetes

donuts fried in duck fat, soaking in maple syrup

i doused my entire meal in maple syrup, even the desserts and coffee.  at the end of the meal, even the water was starting to taste like pork.  i remember the soup, and the desserts, but everything in between is a meaty blur.  i took notes on my iphone during the meal so i would remember the menu, now my phone is sticky with syrup and grease.  our bill was over $700 before tip.  the meal is $49/person + drinks.  and in addition to that most people at the table bought tourtieres and maple syrup goodies to go.  it was a huge splurge for me, but well worth it.  it was my first cabane a sucre, and the food was delicious.  now i need to lay down please.  

maple jerky snacks

maple sugar and maple butter, they also had maple syrup cotton candy, and macaroons, and eclairs, and and and.


vintage mart is this saturday and sunday!

Phew! The first Vintage Mart is ready to go! We just finished setting up and everything looks pretty awesome.
So, we hope to see you all out tomorrow and Saturday. I know, I know, it;s supposed to rain for the next week but unless you're made of sugar or are the Wicked Witch of the West, then a little moisture wont hurt you.
Oh, and remember, it's cash only (no tax) for the vintage stuff, so be sure to hit a bank machine before you head over.

There is also stuff for dudes, so don't be shy to drag your boyfriends along!

Vintage sale hours:
Friday, April 16 6pm-9pm
Saturday April 17 11am- 6pm

See you soon!  At HQ!  Tomorrow!  (This post was directly cut and pasted from the HQ blog... ) Thanks Tyson!!



tuesday rant

so... in my etsy shop, my molar pendant is clearly listed at $60.  that's the price.  if it was another price, i would list it at that price.  i think it's a fair price.  this is a handcrafted sterling silver pendant, and the price includes the chain.  it's not a mass produced pendant made in a factory cast in a cheap base metal that turns your skin green and gives you a rash.  

there's a lot involved in creating a new pendant.  first, i come up with what i want to make, i usually do some research for reference, or sometimes i make a few sketches, or other times, i just start carving the wax.  the original sculpt can take anywhere from an hour to several days.  after that's done, i have it cast it in silver through the process of lost wax casting. once i get the silver master back, i finish it by filing, sanding, grinding, soldering, polishing.  it's hard work!  i have burns, cuts, callouses, and perpetually dirty nails.  once it's perfect, a mold is made.  from this mold, more waxes can be made, and then more silver pendants can be made.  and each one after that is also finished by hand, with the same care and time put into finishing the master.  then i photograph, edit photographs, and make the listing on etsy.  this is what i do for a living.  and i love it.  

so, i got this email last night.  it's "potential customer" asking if i will accept $30 for the molar pendant that is clearly listed at $60.  me, replying that oh, sorry, the price is $60.  and then "potential customer" offering $50.  what's up with this haggling?  i'm totally fine with giving a percentage off when it's a regular customer who has purchased many many things from me before, or you know, if you're my mom.  my mom still refuses my discount, and insists on paying me full price.  or when someone is buying several items at once.  i'm happy to make a custom listing with a bit of a discount.  i'm happy to make to "reserve" a listing until my customer can pay for it, or splitting it up into two payments over a few weeks.  but come on "potential customer"!!!  i'm not a flea market and this isn't an ebay listing for some random crappy piece of junk with a "best offer" option.  i'm kind of annoyed.  

i understand "potential customer" if it's not in your budget.  but unfortunately i can't set my prices on a sliding scale. i've got cats to feed.  i feel like my jewelry is something that might outlive you.  since it's made in metal and you're not.  so it's a good investment really.  anyway, it's not some crappy thing that's been glued together that'll look dated after one season.  one of my store policies says that if you ever have any problems with you jewelry with normal wear, i will repair it or replace it.  so you're pretty much guaranteed i won't send you a piece of badly made garbage.  my main motivation being mostly because i don't want to fix it, or send you a new one.  cough.  

btw it's such a huge huge huge compliment when someone tells me that they've been saving up to buy one of my pieces.  it also kind of freaks me out.  or when someone tells me they're going to wait until their next paycheck.  i know when i save up for something, it's something i really really want and i'm probably skimping on groceries and perrier.  gahhhh!!! no pressure!  it's still really makes me blush when i get a message from someone telling me they love their jewelry and they wear it all the time!!  i still can't believe it.  so thank you to all my wonderful customers.  xx  


new: studded leather wallets

new studded leather wallets, on shiny black, charcoal snake, and seafoam snake embossed leathers, with gold tone and dull black pyramid studs and cone studs.  4" X 6" with a 5" black zipper opening, and an oversized 2.25" key ring.  available in my etsy shop.  


amazing things that come in the mail

i got the most hilarious package in the mail yesterday.  it was oddly shaped bright metallic silver mylar bubble envelope.  something that you would ship spare kidney in or something.  i was a bit scared to touch it.  here's what was inside:  a squeaky hello kitty, a notepad made from elephant poo, a skeleton bottle opener from a place called "skull tavern", a motion sensor coughing ashtray in the shape of lungs, and hello kitty hair clips.  it was from a good friend of mine from calgary!  these are things from her travels.  it's so nice of her to think of me, even though we don't talk very often.  i get random packages from her once in a while.  filled with extremely random/odd things that i love.  like a david weeks skullrilla ashtray.  or a creepy plastic baby head, that's inspired me to start collecting doll heads.  each package always comes with the traditional pirated hello kitty gear.  love it.  

the skullrilla from last time...