paint your own pottery round #1

oh just happened to be having dinner down the street from the paint your own pottery place... our stuff was supposed to be ready for tomorrow, but i couldn't wait, and stopped in to see if maybe it was ready early! and it was!! this is my gnome! grey, seafoam green and black...grey nail polish, i painted his eyebrows and beard white, and left the face and hands unpainted... but it's hard to tell! they did a super duper good job glazing! can't wait to go back, we agreed if round one turned out ok, we'll go once a month... yana had to remind me that we were there less than a week ago, and should probably wait before going back, or else we'll go broke painting junky stuff. it's going to be a long three weeks... sigh.

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  1. You are SOOOO my hero for this. Oh, and MANY ther things, but this...THIS! -trippidy


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