ok so i have no front door right now

so... if you've ever wondered what's inside the walls of a century old house... here you go. directly behind the brick, three inch wood wall, those thin little slats of wood, then a crapload of plaster. kind of horrifying to see. like a spackle-ling nightmare. because you're not really supposed to see that stuff. i like nice finished walls. w/o giant holes. anyway getting the new front door put in today. a little bit scary. well, less scary than when some jerk cut the locks on the door window to break in and stole a bunch of stuff. (that's why i'm replacing the door) and it'll look nice once it's done. i never want to see the insides of my wall again.

here's a picture of ponyo watching her birds. we usually put the chair directly under the window for her, but she just couldn't wait.

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