for some, caturday is the one day a week the cats are allowed out of the basement. but here, everyday is caturday. here's a picture of poof hogging the best seat in the house, and poor fraulein ponyo von mitten has been demoted to the floor seats. they sure love watching their sparrows. oh, and if you're wondering, hmm, that's not right, does that leather purse really have: "i love cats" stitched on it? it does. it really does. available at general54.

even though it's caturday, it's no holiday. here's a set of pinky rings i made for a custom order. everything is cuter smaller! wasn't sure if the dead rabbit ring could be done in a tiny size 4, but it worked out... now i want one for myself!


  1. Your kitties are adorable!!! as are your little skull jeweleries. and i would love to get my paws on that purse...but sometimes i fear of going over the edge of catfreakdom.

  2. ohhhh, it's such a thin fine hair-like line from just loving cats to becoming a crazy cat lady...


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