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i absolutely love this sloppy looking boot. it's by a funny company called cosmic wonder light source. their website is also a bit of a cosmic wonder because i had a hell of a time navigating it. this boot is available here, it's half price from €685. so now it's a mere €342.50. which ends up being about $500. i love it. but i also need groceries and cat food. (via limited hype)

i've been wearing the same pair of motorcycle/combat/buckle leather boots since 1999 ish... no joke. they've been re-stitched more times than i can remember, and re-soled countless times. i bought them new for $13 for them over 10 years ago, at a dollar store. (i know, not everything is ONE dollar at the dollar store) and they've been my favourite boots ever since. ok, that's a lie, because they probably took two years of breaking in, in the beginning these boots were my arch nemesis. i still have scars visible today on both my calves from were the sharp plastic edging along the top of the boot repeatedly sliced up my skin. the heel on the right boot has finally completely collapsed, so now it looks like i have a weird ankle disfigurement or slight disability, and it gives me a weird gait/shuffle.

i still wear these boots nearly every day. i'm considering having them knocked off at my local cobbler since my quest for the perfect replacement oh over the last 6 years or so hasn't been going so good. i tried to have them re-made at my grandfather's trusty shoemaker in shanghai. but by the time i could get there, the entire street had been demolished, and stupid skyscrapers or something equally as lame was there in it's place. or why bother. every 13 year old and their mother are wearing similar "pre-distressed" buckle boots from payless these days. i'm depressed.

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