big pyramid stud pendant

just added this little pyramid stud pendant to my etsy shop!  i made this one months ago, but then lost the photos, and didn't really realize until now.  excuses excuses.  anyway, i like this pendant, it's small and simple.  i know, it's called "big pyramid stud", even though i just said it's small, but it's because i have an even smaller pyramid stud, know as the mini pyramid stud.  so that makes this one the "big pyramid stud".  confusing?  maybe.

i try to make my style names as descriptive as possible, because if i named all my things with cute names like:  "baby love necklace", "cinderella ring", "kiki pendant" or "angel face"  what is that?  is that the ring with the spikes? that skull necklace?  who are those people?  where am i?  i would have no idea what was what.  so my names are a bit boring,  but descriptive.  



i've discontinued a bunch styles and have started listing whatever i have left of these styles on super sale in my on-line shop!  most are listed at 50% off or more.  here's just a sampling!  see the complete sale section in my etsy shop!  

flea market finds

went to the st. michel flea market this weekend with my friend yana.  saw the most biggest, cleanest, most organized selection of milkglass ever.  so dreamy.  this photo only shows one of three tables of it.  it all looked brand new!  one table was exclusively milkglass lamps, and the other table, those hideous chalice things with grapes on them.  i collect the simple hobnail planters, but right now, i have more than enough of them, so didn't buy any of those.  saw this lovely old book, with an excellent cover, check out the little fish, but didn't buy that either.  i did pick up an small antique oil painting of a dog, looks like a brussels griffon, one of my favourite breeds!  $3.  also bought a ton of pretty vintage teacups for chateau gateaux, and sheet of vintage stickers that i plan to frame.  pretty good haul!  


this post is titled: huh? wha?

i told my mother that it was maybe tacky to give a selection of my skull jewelry as a wedding gift, (along w/big cash money of course) and this was her response:  

"those are fashion skulls, they have been around for years, even oldies like me know that, and do not symbolize death, only forever love." 

i'd like to see her tell that to some bikers.  maybe after she gets back from her field trip to the petting zoo this afternoon.  it's not right.  



for some, caturday is the one day a week the cats are allowed out of the basement. but here, everyday is caturday. here's a picture of poof hogging the best seat in the house, and poor fraulein ponyo von mitten has been demoted to the floor seats. they sure love watching their sparrows. oh, and if you're wondering, hmm, that's not right, does that leather purse really have: "i love cats" stitched on it? it does. it really does. available at general54.

even though it's caturday, it's no holiday. here's a set of pinky rings i made for a custom order. everything is cuter smaller! wasn't sure if the dead rabbit ring could be done in a tiny size 4, but it worked out... now i want one for myself!

papercut eyelashes

these are so beautiful! made by a company called paperself, designed by ting yu wang, and inspired by chinese paper cutting art. since everyone knows that you're already wearing false eyelashes, why not put on a pair of intricate paper horses instead. it's way less gross than wearing some random stranger's human hair glued to your eyelid. they retail for 10-12£ ($15-18), and are available exclusively the dreamiest looking shop ever luna & curious. make sure to read the luna & curious blog to see all the other magical things they carry in the store! (via daily candy)


something for the kids

what? hello kitty wines? this is fantastic for those creepy guys who really like jailbait in schoolgirl uniforms. really, there's nothing classier than some sweet bubbly pinkish wine with a picture of a cat on the bottle. i'd bite. (via the lipstick diaries)


sand animation

this is a little something from ukraine's got talent. sand obsessed Kseniya Simonova. it's amazing. and she's so pretty and fashionable. it's almost too much. (via broundoor)


turn your cat into a shark

just discovered this amazing piece of genius on the front page of etsy. for the completely affordable price of $32, you can have your very own custom made shark sweater for your cat. now the question is, how many of them are you going to order? i wish my cats would tolerate costumes. damn. shop youth diaspora on etsy.

crayon animals

here kids, try doing something useful with your crayons instead of just shoving them up your nose. and put that knife to good use. art is the new schoolyard violence. diem chau is no slacker, she carved crayons carved into chinese zodiac animals, see original post for tons of close up pictures. these are amazing! i love the pink rabbit with it's one ear flopped over. now all she has to do is cast these in metal for some super nice jewelry. heh heh. (via if it's hip it's here)


ok so i have no front door right now

so... if you've ever wondered what's inside the walls of a century old house... here you go. directly behind the brick, three inch wood wall, those thin little slats of wood, then a crapload of plaster. kind of horrifying to see. like a spackle-ling nightmare. because you're not really supposed to see that stuff. i like nice finished walls. w/o giant holes. anyway getting the new front door put in today. a little bit scary. well, less scary than when some jerk cut the locks on the door window to break in and stole a bunch of stuff. (that's why i'm replacing the door) and it'll look nice once it's done. i never want to see the insides of my wall again.

here's a picture of ponyo watching her birds. we usually put the chair directly under the window for her, but she just couldn't wait.

taxidermy dream

ok. amazing... whatever you can dream up, custom creature taxidermy can probably make. i've always wanted some taxidermy creatures in my home. growing up, we had a giant stuffed pheasant in flight in our dining room. but i don't want some boring pedestrian animal. i want two heads. bright colours, things with wings that shouldn't have wings. this is the shop of my dreams! if you're ever wondering what to get me for christmas.... cough. cough...

here's the custom creature taxidermy bio, cut&pasted directly from the website! (she's so cool.)

"Artist and naturalist Sarina Brewer recycles the natural into the unnatural, breathing new life into the animals she resurrects. While earning her BFA in 1992 from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, she worked predominantly with oil paint and found objects, most of which were animal remains. Preparing animal remains for use in her sculpture and abstract paintings slowly evolved into taxidermy over the course of a decade. Brewer is now a licensed taxidermist as well as a prolific artist. She volunteers her skills in the biology department of the Science Museum of Minnesota and is also engaged in various natural history related projects for other educational institutions and museums. She is a strong proponent of wildlife conservation who also participates in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.
None of the animals used in Brewer’s work were killed for the purpose of using them in her art. All animal components are recycled. She utilizes salvaged roadkill and discarded livestock, as well as the many animal materials that are donated to her. Donated animals are often casualties of the pet trade, destroyed nuisance animals and pests, or animals that died of natural causes. A very strict "waste not, want not" policy is adhered to in her studio - virtually every part of the animal is recycled in some manner.
Brewer is a self-proclaimed science nerd who incorporates her past formal art education with her passion for biology and the bizarre. Her childhood preoccupation with cryptozoology and anomalies of nature manifest themselves in her outlandish reveries of fur and flesh and every peculiar artifact she creates. These influences, combined with a slightly dark sense of humor, have carved out an unusual niche for Brewer in the art world. She specializes in creating fictional composite animals and sideshow gaffs for discerning collectors and the many connoisseurs of the curious around the world. We now invite you to peruse the culmination of nearly three decades of the study of art and the natural sciences in her eccentric works."

check out her website... specimens including fetal beavers, mummified cats, skulls, CUSTOM order!!! pepito my sweet cat, your coffin might be a fedex box headed straight to custom creature taxidermy.

she also make really incredible wearable jewelry, available on etsy. like that amazing bird head. there's also another one with pearl eyes, with a big pearl in it's beak. nothing is wasted with custom creature taxidermy. she have an "odds and ends" etsy shop where she sell, you know, the extra parts that they don't need. like a bulk listing of bird heads, or a big bag of bird feet and squirrel feet. sweet. or a jar of skinned squirrel heads. no big deal. (via accidental mysteries)


what! forks! knives! scissors!

how fantastic is this prada dress... covered in little fork, knive, nuts, bolts, scissors charms... dreamy. good job carey mulligan. best part of the oscars. we just got a review copy of "an education" blu-ray this morning. can't wait to watch it.



ack! so beautiful... from london/zurich based brokenfab makes me want to bead my house. curses. all i need is another new hobby. (via 2modern)

this book is from 1914!!

love the leather cover. it is a 1914 edition of Das Unheimliche Buch, no idea what that is. but very cool. (via neatorama, via bibliodyssey)


new jewelry: molar pendant

this little molar has a tiny heart shaped cavity. tooth measures 1/2" long, and 3/8" across at the widest part. cast in solid sterling silver, hand finished, oxidized to bring out the details, and then polished to a high shine. comes on an 18" sterling silver chain. i don't know about you, but i'd much rather find one of these under my pillow in the morning instead of a couple of quarters from the tooth fairy. available here in my etsy shop.

boot love love lost

i absolutely love this sloppy looking boot. it's by a funny company called cosmic wonder light source. their website is also a bit of a cosmic wonder because i had a hell of a time navigating it. this boot is available here, it's half price from €685. so now it's a mere €342.50. which ends up being about $500. i love it. but i also need groceries and cat food. (via limited hype)

i've been wearing the same pair of motorcycle/combat/buckle leather boots since 1999 ish... no joke. they've been re-stitched more times than i can remember, and re-soled countless times. i bought them new for $13 for them over 10 years ago, at a dollar store. (i know, not everything is ONE dollar at the dollar store) and they've been my favourite boots ever since. ok, that's a lie, because they probably took two years of breaking in, in the beginning these boots were my arch nemesis. i still have scars visible today on both my calves from were the sharp plastic edging along the top of the boot repeatedly sliced up my skin. the heel on the right boot has finally completely collapsed, so now it looks like i have a weird ankle disfigurement or slight disability, and it gives me a weird gait/shuffle.

i still wear these boots nearly every day. i'm considering having them knocked off at my local cobbler since my quest for the perfect replacement oh over the last 6 years or so hasn't been going so good. i tried to have them re-made at my grandfather's trusty shoemaker in shanghai. but by the time i could get there, the entire street had been demolished, and stupid skyscrapers or something equally as lame was there in it's place. or why bother. every 13 year old and their mother are wearing similar "pre-distressed" buckle boots from payless these days. i'm depressed.